Saturday, 14 July 2012

Code Name Cassandra by Meg Cabot

Note: This is book #2 in the 1-800-Where-R-You series, just so you know. (As always, review is spoiler free but the summary is likely to spoil book #1 for those who haven't read it.)

Code Name Cassandra
by Meg Cabot

Summary: Jess Mastriani was dubbed "Lightning Girl" by the press when she developed a psychic ability to find missing children after she was struck by lightning during a huge storm. Now Jess has lost her miraculous powers...or at least she would like the media and the government to think so. All she wants is to be left alone.

But it doesn't look like Jess is going to get her wish -- especially not while working at a summer camp for musically gifted kids. When the father of a missing girl shows up to beg Jess to find his daughter, Jess can't say no. Now the Feds are on her tail again, as is one ornery stepdad, who'd like to see Lightning Girl...well, dead.

I absolutely adore this series. It's not a favourite in the same way books like Looking for Alaska or Jellicoe Road are, but it's in its own little favourites catagory because it's just so fun to read and I love the characters and it's one of those books that leave me smiling as I finish the last page.

There isn't a whole lot I can say about the book really (and I know I say that a lot and then proceed to ramble in my reviews like there's no tomorrow, but I mean it). It's fun to read - it makes me laugh, sometimes I'd pause between chapters and realise I had a grin on my face while reading, and the characters... they're just awesome, the kind I'd like to know.

If I'm ever feeling down, this is the kind of book that could cheer me up. Meg Cabot has a talent for writing books like that, because her Mediator series is the same and after reading this book, I think I like this series just as much.

I kind of want to read the rest of the series right now, but it's nearly 2am and my eyes are stinging and I have other books to read - but it's so tempting, that's how much I love this series, it leaves me wanting to immediately jump back into this world with these characters and... I'm doing the rambling thing again, right? Woops. I'll shut up now.

But seriously, if you want a book series that will cheer you up and won't take much time to read with a funny, feisty, awesome main character then check this series out.


p.s. OH! Almost forgot to mention - I was bored and started watching this TV show, 1-800-Missing, that came on TV. And it was weirdly familiar - the character names, the premise. And then I realised it was actually based on this series. They changed a lot (aged Jess, killed her dad, changed how her power works etc.) but it's still pretty fun and it was pretty cool watching a TV show only to realise it was based on a book series that I love.

p.p.s. Gah, I loathe these covers so much - this series deserves better covers...

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  1. I LOVE Meg Cabot and I'm sure I've read this series a few times! She's one of those authors who writes really good books that make you feel better no matter how often you read them! Great review!



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