Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bookish Events I've Gone To

So, now that I live in New York City, I actually get to go to book events and meet authors I admire and it's kind of awesome. As my reading's been slow (and therefore reviewing even slower), I figured I could at least recap briefly the events I've gone to so far.

(1) Maggie Stiefvater and David Levithan, Books of Wonder, September 19

This was my first NYC-bookish event. I showed up late because it started at 6 and I had class until 5:40 (except of course my teacher picked today to show up late and the elevator took forever), then had to take the subway over 100 blocks downtown, then got slightly lost, then finally got there at 6:30. I stood in the back, said a quiet "hey" to Mitali (who has been like my personal tour guide since I got here) and Khy, then went and bought my books.

I finally was able to just enjoy the discussion. Maggie and David were funny and had this really awesome banter going. It was lovely hearing them talk about their books and the characters they've connected to and how their writing process works.

Mitali then introduced me to approximately 5,000 people. At some point, I know I said hi to Nicole and Danielle. I got to meet Alison Cherry (Red), Lindsay Ribar (The Art of Wishing) and Elizabeth Eulberg (The Lonely Hearts Club, Prom and Prejudice, Take a Bow) and other lovely people who I feel awful because I don't remember their names. But if you're one of those people, feel free to call me out on my fail in the comments.

I got a copy of The Raven Boys signed by Maggie and a copy of Every Day signed by David. Both were very kind but I was horribly awkward and couldn't think of anything to say while they signed. 

After, Khy, Mitali and I hung around, waiting for the crowd to lessen. Khy wanted to say hi to David and Mitali wanted to say hi to Maggie. Afterwards, I was brought to an NYU building and hung out with Mitali for a bit while we waited for Khy to grab some dinner. Khy then left and Mitali and I went to Forbidden Planet to look for ComicCon three day passes. That failed, so we both headed home.

(2) Brooklyn Book Fest, ...Brooklyn, September 23

This was my first really, really big event. My roommate and I were both going, so we left around 9 am, meaning we got there around 10, just as it was starting. I did a walk through first, stopping to chat at the Harper Perennial booth. Then I went to the bank and got some extra cash and went through again. I grabbed some books at a Jane Austen booth (both YA) and had an awesome chat with the lady there. Went back to the Harper booth and bought another book. Said hi to Isla Neal and Martin Leicht (Mothership). Sat in on a couple of middle grade panels. Bought a lot of books from Bank Street Books...a LOT.

Then the YA panels started. The first panel was YA Jeopardy with Libba Bray, Daniel Nayeri, Natalie Standiford, and Zoraida Cordova. It was awesome and hilarious. About half way through the panel, Mitali showed up. After, she introduced me to more people and then I got on line to finally meet Libba Bray. I fangirl spewed all over her about how she changed my life. She signed The Diviners for me. I met more people. Gayle Forman, Daniel, some editors and publicists. 

That's basically how the day continued. We would try to pay attention to YA panels, but get drawn into meeting someone. I got to meet Melissa Walker and Simone Elkeles, some agents. Stopped at Shake Shack at one point for my first ever experience (which was awesome).

We finished off the day talking with Suzanne Colasanti. Mitali, Suzanne and I all hopped on a subway and chatted and then headed off in separate directions.

(3) Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian Signing, Books of Wonder, September 25

So, this was obviously last night. I didn't have class, so I left my dorm around 4:30 and between waiting for the train and taking some wrong turns, didn't get there until 5:20. Mitali was waiting outside and handed off some books for me.

We went inside and I met Britta and even MORE people as we waited for the signing to start. Spent time chatting with Nicole and Danielle again. 

Jenny and Sibohan were funny and charming and brilliant. They also had a sundae bar and some free drinks, but of the alcoholic kind and non-alcoholic kind. They were all kinds of lovely, but very busy when I got up there. Mitali and Britta were in front of me so they were chatting and I think some family members were behind me, so I didn't get to say much. But they included a really nice poster and were really sweet when I did talk to them.

So, yeah. Some quick recaps on events I've gone to. I'm hoping to stop in to another one next week before going to the opera (because this is apparently a thing that happens in my life). 

Have you gone to any awesome events lately? Would you want me to do more in depth event recaps? More stuff like this? Leave some feedback!


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  1. OMG I totally miss Khy already! She was such a regular fixture at our Los Angeles area events. Say hi to her from us SoCal bloggers ;)



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