Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ten Bookish People I'd Love To Meet

This post is part of Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

So, I'm going to do this quick because I really do need to be heading out, but I did want to throw together something.

1.) Harmony at Harmony's Radiant Reads. I don't know if you've caught on, but Harmony's my best friend and I love her to pieces. She started out as my blogging mentee, but now she's doing better than I am and it's all just friendship at this point. BEA2013? Yes/Yes?

2.) Lanna at ...here. Yeah, I haven't met Lanna yet. But we do live in different countries and neither of us have secret fortunes we can use to travel the world with. Someday? Maybe?

3.) J.K. Rowling. In all my day dreams as to what I'd do if I were rich and famous, meeting J.K. Rowling is always one of the things I would be sure to accomplish (because obviously I'd be famous enough for her to want to meet me, too). This is the woman that turned me into a life-long reader. She exposed Small Julie to something besides contemporary humor and Scooby Doo mysteries. And she created an incredibly strong bond between my mom and myself. Fortunately, meeting here is a thing that will be happening in less than a month.

4.) John Green. This is a man who can make me laugh while I sob hysterically with just his words. He's a genius. He makes me think and grow as a person. John Green inspires me and it'd really be a treat to meet him.

5.) Jane Austen. Do I really need to continue to explain my Austen love? Do I? Please don't make me try.

6.) Myra McEntire. Myra's someone I've been talking to for years. She's been supportive and kind and always makes me laugh when I need it most. Not to mention the fact that she's incredibly talented. She also accepted my incessant fangirling without complaint. I probably owe her a cupcake.

7.) C.J. Redwine. C.J's another person I've fangirled for a long time. Most of it before I actually read her book because I had that much (rightfully placed) faith in her talent. She's kind and generous and selfless and the kind of person who asks a 17 year old to be her assistant. I definitely owe her some baked goods too.

8.) Jodi Meadows. Jodi's yet another person who's had to suffer through my fangirling. But now we talk about knitting and Tangled and sparkles and the Incarnate/Asunder Street Team (which you should sign up for if you haven't) and baked goods and lots of other things. It'd probably be more fun if we could chat about this in person.

9.) Suzanne Lazear. My relationship with Suzanne started after I followed her on twitter and then won a tiara (I ended up wearing it to prom this past June). Since then, she's written my recommendation letters and offered all kinds of help and I've read for her. We've swapped virtual faked goods often and she's even sent me some actual goodies. There has also been a lot of talk about a cupcake date, which totally needs to happen.

10.)  Brent...Who's From Everywhere. So, Brent started as a book blogger but now he does all kinds of things in publishing. He's awesome and kind and really smart. Brent is also clever and dedicated and really supportive. I'm hoping that we'll either meet at BEA2013 or when he moves to NYC to go to college. Because it will happen.

So...who are you dying to meet?


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