Friday, 5 October 2012

Behind the Books (4)

1.) This post is mostly going to be about NYC adventures because...that's what I've been doing.

2.) First, there were the signings/events I wrote about the other day. I'm not really going to recap those except to say I've found my people.

3.) So far I've visited the Guggenheim to see a photography exhibit for a class, but the spiral was closed because they were setting up a Picasso Black and White exhibit. I may have to go see it because what I saw was awesome and a lot cooler than the photography exhibit. I also visited the Museum of the City of New York which lead to me getting lost in Central Park, walking all the way around Central Park, finally seeing everything I had to see, then the fire alarm went off as soon as I was finishing up. That wasn't a happy day. And the museum wasn't my thing.

4.) I also went to the opera earlier this week and saw Carmen. It was like Romeo and Juliet in all the worst ways (insta-love, unnecessary death, over dramatics) but the singers and the orchestra were incredible. The Metropolitan Opera House is also absolutely stunning and gorgeous. There's a little courtyard-esque area with a gorgeous fountain and it's...beautiful. The David Koch Theater was also in that courtyard, so now I know where to go for the J.K. Rowling signing. Then on Thursday I went to go see a dance festival, Fall for Dance. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. There was, what I think is, a traditional Indian/Middle Eastern story told by dance (I could be totally wrong and if I am, sorry), a ballet, a modernist dance, and a traditional Hawaiian dance. I didn't like the modern one, but the rest were really cool.

5.) Last weekend, I got to meet up with a friend from high school who now is going to college in Queens. She hadn't explored the city at all, so I took the subway to Queens to get her, then took her to see Pitch Perfect (it was open in one theater in NYC which happened to be near where I was taking her), explore the Strand (which she loved more than she thought she would), and to eat at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park right across from the Flatiron. We also tried to go to Magnolia's, but we didn't have a ton of time since she wanted to be back before it was too dark and there was a line around the corner when we got there. It was really nice to play tour guide and see my friend again though.

6.) In less exciting news, I signed up for the Netflix free trial and I'm kind of in love. So many awesome options! I might even pay for it next month too. I've watched Wives and Daughters miniseries, The Forsyte Saga miniseries, The Decoy Bride, Anna and the King, Beauty and the Briefcase, and an epsiode of Doctor Who. I tried watching Upstairs, Downstairs, but we didn't mesh. Now I'm watching Daniel Deronda, another mini-series. I still have quite a bit in my queue as well.

So...yeah. I've been trying to take advantage of the fact that I'm in one of the greatest cities in the world with hundreds of opportunities while it's still warm enough for me to want to go out and enjoy them.

Next weekend is ComicCon, plus a signing I might go to on Thursday. The Tuesday after that, I get to go meet J.K. Rowling. There will probably be a really long post about all of these events up at some point.

What's been going on in your lives?



My life has been way less interesting than Julie's. 

Recently, it's been mostly drama I wish wasn't happening (why must some people argue over stupid crap and leave others stuck in the middle?), annoying stuff (neighbour who makes me uncomfortable - poor Julie has had to put up with my complaining about him), depressing stuff (today would have been my dad's birthday) and helping my sister move.

Honestly, the most exciting thing that has happened was finally finding a bridesmaids dress for my best friends wedding (happened yesterday and the lady in the shop was really fab and helpful and didn't force me into taffeta or pink like the women in the other bridal shops did) and that best friend coming over the other night to watch movies, only we didn't watch movies, instead we ended up playing a bizarre pictionary-like game with our other best friend on Skype while eating Chinese food (actually more fun than it sounds, our sides hurt from laughing). Seriously, can anyone figure out what the hell he was trying to draw here (it's a movie):

...Not kidding, if anyone actually reads this, guess in the comments. Mine were way more obvious:

...Yes (I'd show examples of Batman's drawings--not that anyone is interested in any of the drawings--but a lot of hers seem to involve drawings of stick figures with blood pouring out of various body cavities...).

Moving on... I've been writing quite a bit, and outlining stories that I might use for NaNoWriMo next month - anyone else doing NaNo this year? If yes, will this be your first year or have you done it before?

New TV shows I've been watching:

Revolution: It's been okay so far. I like it, it's not amazing though and there's just - something missing. I'm not sure if it's the script or the acting or what, but it's just lacking a spark. It's kind of like it's an adaption of one of the cliche dystopian novels that have been flooding the shelves, it ticks all those boxes which is entertaining but it's not really bringing anything new to the table. I'll keep watching though.

Elementary: A new adaption of Sherlock Holmes. Making Watson a woman was interesting. The show is pretty good, but it doesn't feel... necessary? The things that I like about it are all things that the BBC version has and kind of does better, it's just like an adaption for the American audience that isn't doing anything new except a gender change of one of the characters. But, like Revolution, I do like it and will keep watching, it might get more unique as the episodes continue.

Also somehow ended up watching episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and H2O: Just Add Water (Australian, cheesy, not very good but Phoebe Tonkin is in it and that girl who plays Rebecca in The Vampire Diaries) and Puberty Blues (also Australian, also cheesy, set in the 70's, based on a book and the slang is hilariously bad and the way women are treated is infuriating)... Don't particularly love those, but they're entertaining enough.

...I think that's all the new stuff, but a lot of shows I love are back or are about to start back so - yay? (Shows like: Once Upon a Time, Downton Abbey, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Switched at Birth, Merlin, Supernatural, Covert Affairs....) And I think some new ones I want to check out start soon too.

Haven't been listening to much new music, but kind of hate the fact that I like James Arthur and Lucy Spraggan and Ella Henderson who are on the UK X Factor this year - it just bugs me in general to like anything about that show. But James has a voice that makes me happy and Lucy writes songs that make me smile (the one that's linked there, listen to the lyrics, it tells such a sweet story) and Ella has a combination of good voice and good song writing (that's her own song she's singing).

What's new with you?



  1. Julie: I would LOVE to go to school in NYC! It's been a dream for so long! I'm glad you're enjoying it there! I haven't used NetFlix but I don't want to get addicted to it!

    Lana: I'm super glad you love TVD, Cover Affairs, Switched at Birth and pretty much all of those shows too! And you're in England right? LUCKY PERSON WHO GETS TO WATCH DOWNTON ABBEY. Ahem. I have to wait until JANUARY until it comes on :(

    1. Close, I'm in Scotland. It's really rare for us to get to see shows first here in the UK, the US is nearly always a few months (sometimes even a year) ahead of us with TV shows (so I tend to watch the US episodes, then rewatch them on the UK airdates). =P



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