Sunday, 28 October 2012

Book Haul (138)

Happy Sunday!

Fever by Lauren DeStefano (hardcover purchased from Strand)
Crewel by Gennifer Albin (hardcover purchased from Books of Wonder and signed)
Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo (hardcover purchased from Books of Wonder and signed for gift)
Shine by Lauren Myracle (hardcover purchased from Strand)
The Fortunes of Indigo Skye by Deb Caletti (hardcover purchased from Strand)
The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti (paperback purchased from Strand)
The Tattooed Duke by Maya Rodale (ebook purchased from Amazon on sale)

For Review:
The Bully Book by Eric Kahn Gale (ARC received for review from HarperTeen)
Asunder by Jodi Meadows (ARC received for review from HarperTeen)
Prophecy by Ellen Oh (ARC received for review from HarperTeen [duplicate])
Ironskin by Tina Connolly (hardcover received for review from Tor)
Sapphire Blue by Kersten Gier (ARC received via twitter from Macmillian)
The Bracelet by Roberta Gately (finished paperback for review from Galley Books)

So, I'm now trying to implement this rule where I won't buy books unless it's for a signing. Like, I'm actually at home for the weekend and I packed up the books for the two signings I'll be going to so I only actually buy like one. As for review books, I really won't know unless things magically become showing up at my dorm because I won't be home again until Thanksgiving/my birthday. In other words, unless it's an ebook or someone becomes super generous and starts sending books to my dorm, my book hauls are likely to dry up for a while...hopefully.

Also, I read Asunder this weekend and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. If you haven't read Incarnate, you need to GET ON THAT. Because I'm actually forcing myself not to bring it to college because I really shouldn't reread least not in the next month. DURING WINTER BREAK THOUGH...



  1. You got some great books Julie! I have yet to read Incarnate but I'll try and get to it!

    Kailia @ Reading the Best of the Best

  2. I still haven't read Shadow and Bone! Really need to get on that. Hope you'll enjoy all your new reads!

    Happy Reading :)



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