Monday, 31 December 2012

13 Books I Should've Gotten to in 2012

A LOT of excellent sounding books came out this year that I didn't get to, even though they made my TBR pile. Tragic, isn't it? So, here's (some) of those books. Feel free to comment and yell at me so I know which books to get in first in 2013!

Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers: The last book in the series! I think I've had this book since the very beginning of the year, maybe even 2011. Despite this, never got to pick it up.

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver: I know, I know, and I LOVED Delirium too! Especially with that ending! I only just got a copy for Christmas, so I'm one step closer!

Fever by Lauren DeStefano: Another sequel to a book I adored that didn't get to be read. Lanna even sent me a copy from the UK earlier this year then I bought a hardcover at Strand and STILL not read. *sigh* I know.

Through to You by Emily Hainsworth: I was so psyched for this debut, I think I even have an egalley. It sounded so awesome! But...didn't happen.

The Story of Us by Deb Caletti: I've read some Caletti books and really liked them. Most of her story lines don't really appeal to me, but this one did. I was even able to pick up an ARC at Strand! But still, it sits, unread.

A Million Suns by Beth Revis: I know, I know, another sequel! I'm so bad at sequels. I got a signed copy of this at ComicCon and I HAVE to read it super soon because I also got a copy of Shades of Earth while there...yeah.

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa: Again, I LOVE Julie's books and I was psyched to read this one. I got an egalley, I got an ARC, I was on the blog tour, yet still it sits, neglected, on my TBR pile.

In Honor by Jessi Kirby: I absolutely adored Moonglass and that wasn't my kind of book. But In Honor? TOTALLY IS my type of book. So add in my kind of book with a writer I already love...why isn't this book in my brain yet?!?

Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill: This was one of those contemporaries that was kind of under the radar but I was super psyched about and got an egalley for and then...never read. I'm pretty sure Mitali wanted to crucify me when I told her.

Every Day by David Levithan: So...I had started the egalley I had for this one and for some reason I can't remember, I had to stop like half way through. Then I went to his signing, got a nice, signed, finished copy, and still haven't picked it back up. I might have to start over by time I actually do.

The Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone: I wanted this book soooooooo badly. Comparisons to The Time Traveler's Wife were thrown around and it's a little known fact, but that is one of my FAVORITE books. I was thrilled to pick up a copy at Strand a few weeks before release. Still...haven' it...*sigh*

Send Me a Sign by Tiffany Schmidt: YET AGAIN. I have an egalley. I met Tiffany at her signing and have a pretty, finished copy. Still, this book goes unread. WHY? I don't even know! SO MANY PEOPLE I trust adored this book. It's a tear-jerker, which is always a bonus for me. But...nope. Didn't happen this year.

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken: I LOVE Brightly Woven and was so stoked to get a signed ARC at ComicCon. I started reading this early this month but then finals started happening and I needed lighter, cheerier books to get my brain through the stress and I had to stop like 1/3 of the way through. MUST FINISH SOON. I was loving the book when I stopped, I just...couldn't deal with dark and bleak and slow going earlier this month.

So, there it is. My list of shame. Just looking at this list, plus the many, many other books I didn't get to this year, fills me with shame. I have to look on the bright side and remember that I still read 160 books plus some others I probably forgot to put on goodreads doesn't make me feel better.

What books did you shamefully not picked up this year? And which of these (and other 2012 books) do I need to pick up ASAP in the new year?



  1. I also wish that I had read A Million Suns! I really enjoyed the first book and honestly couldn't wait to read the second. I don't know how it kept getting pushed back on my TBR list. As for Pandemonium...I have no clue how I didn't get to that. ><

    Happy New Year, Julie! Hopefully you'll get to these in 2013.

  2. Me too on A Million Suns & Pandemonium! I am so bad at getting back into the sequels, unless it's a book I MUST MUST MUST read. I've seen Meant To Be on a lot of 2012 lists... time to check it out?



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