Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Asunder by Jodi Meadows

Jodi Meadows
Katherine Tegen Books
[January 29, 2013]

Ana has always been the only one. Asunder. Apart. But after Templedark, when many residents of Heart were lost forever, some hold Ana responsible for the darksouls–and the newsouls who may be born in their place.

Many are afraid of Ana’s presence, a constant reminder of unstoppable changes and the unknown. When sylph begin behaving differently toward her and people turn violent, Ana must learn to stand up not only for herself but for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Ana was told that nosouls can’t love. But newsouls? More than anything, she wants to live and love as an equal among the citizens of Heart, but even when Sam professes his deepest feelings, it seems impossible to overcome a lifetime of rejection.

In this second book in the Incarnate trilogy, Ana discovers the truth about reincarnation and will have to find a way to embrace love and make her young life meaningful. Once again, Jodi Meadows explores the extraordinary beauty and shadowed depths of the soul in a story equal parts epic romance and captivating fantasy.


First of all, Jodi Meadows has this fantastic way of making readers consider the morals of reincarnation. One million souls who become experts in their area of specialty vs. new souls and their new, though less experienced, ideas? It's a question you have to wonder about in a story like this and I think Jodi has done a tremendous job trying to tackle that question throughout the first two books, and I'm betting the fantastic continues into the next.

Then there's the characters. They grow and change and learn so much. Everyone besides Ana has been alive for thousands of years, yet many of them are becoming someone new, someone they've never been before. It's remarkable to imagine people who have been the same, or very similar, for so long suddenly becoming different, all thanks to Ana. Strong, clever, and oh so kind Ana. It's hard not to love her. She's naive at times and make mistakes, but she learns fast and is always improving herself. And Sam. Oh Sam. Pardon me while I swoon? Sam continues to be an incredible love interest in Asunder. And there's also a new character introduced, who I absolutely ADORE, but I won't say anything else. Y'all will find him.

The relationships in Asunder are complex and wonderful and changing. Friendships are growing stronger. Some reveal their true nature. Every relationship evolves in some form and each is significant to the story as a whole. It's always lovely when each part of a book is super important, you know?

Then there is the story itself, where every piece falls into place, entwining perfectly. There's action and mystery and KISSING and just...*sigh* There are no words for the perfection of the story itself. It's pretty much everything I can ask for in a book. 

And do I even have to talk about the perf of the writing? I've mention that she weaves an incredible story and introduces a very interesting, complex topic to consider. But she also has such a way with words that I can picture the world really well. I can see it all in my head and it makes sense and I feel like I'm in the story. I'm always utterly swept away and entranced by her words. 

If you haven't read Incarnate, why are you reading this anyway? Go buy your copy and rejoice in its beauty. If you have, make sure you pick up Asunder today. This is NOT a sequel that disappoints.


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