Friday, 4 January 2013

Julie Has a New Project!

So, quick note that has nothing to do with blogging...mostly.

It's not a secret that I plan to work in publishing in some capacity and now I'm adding another thing to my resume. As of today I'm one of the editors at Teen Eyes Editorial

I'd been considering doing some free lance work since...late September. But I wanted to get a bit more practice and some feedback on my feedback, then college got busy and I wasn't able to do that right away. Then at the end of November, Brent asked Grace and I if we'd want to join. So, I've been sitting on this since...around Thanksgiving/my birthday? But, I'm now between semesters and it's a new year, so it made sense to wait until now.

For the next week, you can get a submissions package for $10, which is more than 50% off the usual price plus a couple of other pretty cool deals. And other stuff will happen in the future.

Also, major props to Lanna for redoing the banner on the Teen Eyes site for us.

Anyway, if you're a writer and want your YA/MG/NA or even adult manuscript looked over by one of us before querying/submissions/etc., feel free to browse the site and check out our credentials and testimonies and whatnot and get in touch with us.


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