Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Discussion: Book Trends and Reading Funks

I want to talk about book trends. We may or may not have talked about this before on the blog, I'm really not sure, but I want to talk about it (possibly again).

I used to not be particularly bothered by book trends, because it meant that if I enjoyed a certain type of book and it was currently the popular thing, then it wouldn't be hard to find more books doing the same sort of thing. But recently? Not feeling that at all. 

We're still kind of in the midst of the dystopian trend and...Well, I used to love dystopian stories but I am so beyond sick of them that whenever I see a new one announced I'm just - I can't - GAH! Fjndflkv. That pretty much sums my feelings.

The trend was fine in the beginning, but it seems like publishers just don't know when to quit and they drag a trend out for so long that it passes the point of being annoying and can actually put me off reading.

There are a few dystopian series' that I started reading a few years ago/last year, but even if I loved or really enjoyed the first one or two instalments, I just can't bring myself to pick up the other books in the series - even ones I own (still haven't read the second book in the Delirium series). I'm not even excited about the movie adaption's of these books anymore (Hunger Games, Divergent, Delirium, The Selection...) - I follow the cast updates and things, because that process is interesting to me, but the actual movies/shows themselves? Past the point of caring. 

And it's all because there has just been...too much. There are books I was looking forward to reading and they were hyped up, everyone saying how awesome they were, and then I was asked if I wanted ARC's of those books and I actually said no, because I just feel so done with the genre. 

I really hope that changes at some point, I was going to try and read one more (Uglies by Scott Westerfeld) because a few people have recently talked about how awesome that series is and maybe it'll make me feel a bit better and less frustrated by the dystopian trend. (I was sent Sever by Lauren DeStefano to review, I've read half of it and just - the book isn't bad, but my issues with the genre right now are making it hard to finish.)

Right now, all I want is to find books that give me that wow sort of feeling that my favourite books did and it seems like instead of craving certain genres recently, I've just been trying to find that feeling again because it feels like it's been a while and I miss that feeling. I miss reading, but even entertaining books have been disappointing recently because I miss that something more.

I love writing, I love reading, I love books...and that's still there, but just - this is one of my least favourite feelings. That feeling you get when you're kind of - bored? tired? of something that you love, and you feel kind of exhausted by it, and you don't know how to fix it, and it leaves you feeling a little lost because it's such a big part of who you are.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post was anymore. Maybe it's just that I am in a reading funk and it's frustrating and I am frustrated by all the things that are helping keep me in a reading funk (like book trends) and I just...need to read something fresh and new that will spark my motivation to read again.

I dunno, what are your thoughts?

Do you like or hate book trends? Indifferent to them? Why?

Do you think publishers drag out trends for too long? Because I honestly think that's my biggest problem with it - there can be too much of a good thing and they take it way past that line.

Do you have any suggestions of books that might leave me with that wow feeling?  Preferably contemporary, with a good love story and lovely writing? *Desperate*

...Help? :(

p.s. The whole reading funk thing? That would be why I've barely been blogging...still love blogging, still intend to keep blogging, it's just that to review books I need to be able to read books and reading and I clearly haven't been on the best of terms recently. But I'm working on it. :)


  1. I don't remember YA books being this trendy before the vampire craze. Is that just me? I agree that the publishing industry has to tone it down a little and give us a respite. It's really annoying because it makes authors seem like they're not creative artists and just writing dystopian for money (maybe that's true in some cases).

    1. Yeah, the Twilight thing seems to have sparked it...or at least made it happen on a bigger scale than before. Actually, it seems like YA itself became kind of a trend after the vampire thing.

      I write too (not particularly well and I'm not published) and I do have some unfinished dystopian stories but I can't even bring myself to finish writing those. =P

  2. I totally agree with you... I'm in a complete reading funk right now, and I have no clue why. But I'm so, so tired of dystopians!! However, I think after you take a break from dystopian you really should try the Uglies series! In my mind, I see them as almost the precursor to dystopian books, and when I read them a few years ago (before The Hunger Games and all that madness), I really loved them. As for a good contemporary love story... I think you've probably read any that I could suggest. But I recently read The Book Thief and it was so, so brilliant. If you haven't already read I totally recommend it.


    1. I love The Book Thief, it's currently sitting on my favourites shelf. :)

      I'll definitely give the Uglies series a try, I just hope that being burned out on the genre won't have much of an impact on my opinion of the books.

  3. oh, yeah. I totally get sick of trends. Like right now w/all the sexy YA. I'm like, OK you had your orgasm(s), now read my book--LOL! (Is it OK to say that?) :D I like to read all different genres. Which I guess is why I write in all different genres. But for the majority, I think it's kind of the water-cooler effect. Peeps WANT to gather and gush. And where there's a mob, yanno, that's where everybody goes. Great post, LL! :o) <3

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