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From Page to Screen: Book to Movie Updates (1)

There may be posts like this one floating around out there, but I absolutely suck at finding them* so I wanted to make my own one to talk about recent book to movie adaption news that I've stumbled across.

I love it when books get made into movies. I mean, sometimes I hate the casting or how the end result turns out, but I still always get excited when a book I've read has the movie rights sold because it's fun to follow the process of a book becoming a movie.
Sometimes I'm good at keeping up with the new book-to-movie adaption news, sometimes I'm not. So that's what this post is - talking about news I've found recently. If you're like me and you miss things, maybe this is the first time you've heard about this stuff (probably not, like I said, I can be slow at finding out updates).

Now, onto the adaption updates...

Casting/Directing/Script News:
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak - This book is amazing, and I wasn't sure the movie adaption was ever going to happen but then some casting news happened recently.

News so far:
Director - Brian Percival (has worked on Downton Abbey)
Script by Michael Patroni
Cast (not sure which characters they'll be playing)
Geoffrey Rush (as Hans Hubermann)
Emily Watson (Mrs Hubermann?)
Sophie Nelisse (as Liesl)
Ben Schnetzer (as Max?)
Nico Liersch (Rudy?)
You can read some more about it here and here.

My thoughts: I'm not sure if I've seen most of the cast act before, but going by looks alone, they look great - especially Geoffrey Rush as Hans, he's perfect. So excited for this one.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

News so far:
Director - Mark Waters (Mean Girls)
Script - Dan Waters (Heathers)
Rose - Zoey Deutch
Lissa - Lucy Fry
Dimitri - Danila Kozlovsky
My thoughts: Again, I'm only going by looks here, but I'm really loving this cast (really love that they got an actual Russian dude to play Dimitri too). I love Mean Girls and Heathers too, so I have high hopes for the directing and script as well.

Jellicoe Road and Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta - I lovelovelove Melina Marchetta's books, so if these movies actually happen...dkjfvhnlkdjfvn.

News so far:
The rights for the Saving Francesca movie have been sold (just including that in this section because the links are the same links as the JR ones) and Melina has finished writing the script for Jellicoe Road. It'll be directed by Kate Woods and Sue Taylor is the producer. (I also read an interview/post of Melina's somewhere where she talked casting for the movie but I can't find it - she did mention that they have had some actors come in and read for the parts though, including Lincoln Younes as Jonah Griggs...I don't think there's anything even close to official casting yet, but it's still interesting to see the kind of people they're looking at).

If you want to read more about it, check out some of these posts on Melina's blog.

My thoughts: Jellicoe Road is one of my all time favourite books, so it has the potential to be a fantastic movie...or to be a complete disappointment, but with Melina writing the script, I'm optimistic (she wrote the script for the 90's movie adaption of her book Looking for Alibrandi and I liked that, so I have high hopes).

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

News so far:
Director - R.J. Cutler (not sure if that's confirmed yet though)
Mia - Chloe Moretz (I think she is just in talks to play Mia though, not officially cast?)
More detailed info here.

My thoughts: I like Chloe. I do not like Chloe as Mia. But, we'll see. It might just be because nearly every role I've seen her in, she plays a certain character type--or brings certain qualities to every character she plays--and I just don't picture Mia being that way but seeing her in the movie could change my mind.

The Selection by Keira Cass

News so far: This one already had a pilot made last year, but they didn't like it so it didn't get picked up but The CW have decided to give it another shot and they're remaking the pilot (not sure how much of the cast has changed but Aimee isn't playing America anymore).

My thoughts: Not really sure what I think about this. I am kind of glad that Aimee won't be America anymore though (acting irritates me half the time, plus just not how I pictured the character), so hopefully they'll get someone better and the show will actually air.
Delirium by Lauren Oliver

News so far:
It's being made into a TV show (with quite a few changes being made)
Writer - Karyn Usher (Prison Break)
Lena - Emma Roberts

My thoughts: I am not excited about this anymore at all. I'm fine with it being a TV show, but I don't like the sound of the changes they've made - but, while I may not like it as an adaption, it might end up working as just a TV show in its own right. I really, really hate the thought of Emma Roberts playing Lena though, there is nothing at all I like about her as Lena. Maybe she'll prove me wrong, I doubt it though (her acting irritates me).

Divergent by Veronica Roth

News so far:
Director - Neil Burger
Writer - Evan Daugherty
Tris - Shailene Woodley
Kate Winslet is also supposed to be rumoured to be playing a villain and there've been a bunch of people rumoured to have read for the role of Four and people auditioning for other parts. 

My thoughts: Love the idea of Kate Winslet being in the movie. Kind of indifferent to Shailene - she's far from what I pictured, but I don't hate her either, it's just more of those, "Okay then, I'll wait and see." kind of things.

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff  - The news for this is old, but I just found out about the movie adaption a couple of days ago. I love this book (I get that it's not everyone's cup of tea, considering the writing style though).

News so far:
Saoirse Ronan is playing Daisy and...actually, I'll just link the IMDb page because I think they may have the full cast list (I think they've finished filming it because there's a picture from last year with Saoirse as Daisy).

My thoughts: I adore Saoirse as an actress, but I'm not too into her as Daisy, or some of the other cast members. But, I'm going to reserve judgement until I see a trailer, because she will probably win me over like she did with The Host.

Rights sold/optioned:
Anna Dressed in Blood has been optioned by Stephenie Meyers production company. I think this is one I could actually like more in movie form than in book form, I'm hoping if it gets made that they give it the same kind of feel that the first season of Supernatural had.

The Fault in Our Stars - older news, but the producers talk about the script and finding a cast and things here.

The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling is being made into a TV show for BBC one, to air in 2014.

Julie Kagawa has some exciting movie news too.

Here is another list with other books that have been optioned/had the rights sold (some may even have casting updates or directors or something, I've just not mentioned them either because I haven't read the book or I've just not checked out the progress yet), there's probably way more than that and there's probably better lists out there, that's just one of the first I've found.

Trailers out:
I doubt anyone has missed these, since they've been everywhere, but here's the links to some trailers of adaptions out this year (some pretty soon):

The Mortal Instruments
The Host
Beautiful Creatures
The Great Gatsby
Warm Bodies
The Man Who Laughs (that one is a French movie based on the book by Victor Hugo - the trailer made me want to read the book and to see the movie, it looks awesome...which is saying a lot considering I don't actually understand what they're saying in the trailer).

So...I think that's it for this post. What do you guys think of the casts/directors/news? Is there anything I've missed? And would you like to see more of these sorts of posts? Let me know.

*And, while searching google for pictures of the casts, I found this site. She seems to be pretty good at posting adaption updates, so check that site out if you want more book to movie news.


Please note: a book being optioned to become a movie doesn't necessarily mean it will be made into a movie and people being cast/being attached to the movie doesn't mean it'll actually get made either. There are a lot of factors that go into getting the movie made, but still, it's fun to imagine/talk about, right?


  1. This is a great list!
    I don't know half of these actors (at least not by name) but I'm very curious so I'm about to google them. As much as I hate when they make significant changes to a book being adapted I'm more likely to accept it as a tv show. I have to check out Delierium's changes though...
    I'm very excited for Beautiful Creatures, Warm Bodies (haven't seen it) and the Host.

  2. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH I just finished Jellicoe Road... hadn't heard of the possibility of it being a book! That would be so awesome, there's so many amazing characters that I fell in love with! And there's a whole lot of other awesome news here, too! Thanks for putting it all in one place... I'm off to tweet it now! :D


  3. I'm super excited about the Book Thief adaption! I've known about that for awhile and I'm totally stoked for it.

    The one I'm least excited about is Delirium. I don't like the changes either and Emma Roberts is just about the worst choice they could have ever made for Lena. I hope that pilot never sees the light of day! :/

    Another adaption that is in the works is Peter and the Starcatchers. It's getting developed by Disney and Gary Ross is supposed to be directing. Hopefully that get's somewhere! Gary Ross is awesome and I'm sure he would do a great job with the story.

    1. I hadn't even heard of Peter and the Starcatchers, but it sounds pretty good. :)

  4. I'm both excited and nervous- there's always the question of "will they do it right?!"

    Let's hope they do! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Hmm, there were a couple here I didnt know about yet. Cool! :)

  6. Aimee who was originally cast as America? I'm kind of indifferent with Shailene Woodley as well. She seems too cutesy, and I'm not sure her look relates to this kind of movie. I'm not really looking forward to her playing Mary Jane for The Amazing Spider-Man either...who knows, maybe she'll be really good as both!



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