Thursday, 28 February 2013

Top Ten Tuesday...on a Thursday: I Need ALL YOUR BOOKS

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the lovely ladies at The Broke and the Bookish.

I didn't know this week's Top Ten Tuesday topic until the posts started popping up on Tuesday. I had a long-ish day and kept putting it off because I was watching Game of Thrones busy. Then Lanna had her awesome post up, so ta-da! Belated Top Ten Tuesday.

This week's topic is about ten authors on our auto-buy lists. Lanna and I did a post on this back in early 2011. As that post is almost 2 years old, I think now's a good time to update, yeah?

1. Myra McEntire - One of the originals from the last list, I've now read TWO of her books. Opinion hasn't changed at all. Myra creates these really rich characters and her books aren't exactly happy books, but there's always humor in them to keep it at least a little bit light. Her books are complex and interesting and have some of my favorite ever characters (my Kindle is named after Emerson) and have the most gorgeous covers ever and Myra's just an outstanding person I'm happy to support. I'm already grieving the end of the Hourglass trilogy and anticipating what will happen and the perspective it'll be told in and excited to see what comes next.

2. C.J. Redwine - I mean...she IS my boss, but that's beside the point. I love Defiance (...and Deception even more) and C.J. is just a master at creating these super complex, fantasy-esque worlds. I love all of her characters and her villain is seriously, downright evil. And the kissing scenes? Oh the kissing scenes she can write. And then, you know, she's the best boss ever and awesome to talk to and another person I'm more than happy to do what I can to support.

3. Jodi Meadows - Jodi is another author who creates these really fantastic worlds full of rich characters and kissing and dragons. I love the Incarnate series and Ana and Sam and my name is sorta used in Asunder which is all kinds of awesome. I've also met Jodi and she bought me hot chocolate and knitted me gloves. So obviously, I must buy ALL THE BOOKS.

4. Suzanne Lazear - Maybe this is kind of cheating, but whatever. I get to read Suzanne's manuscripts and help her work on them and guys she has SO many fantastic stories and she's such a talented writer. She writes all kinds of genres and really awesome romances and there's a lot of things I can't tell you, but seriously, I've loved all of her manuscripts and I really, really, really can't wait for all of you to read them.

5. Stephanie Perkins - What can I say other than I have undying love for Anna and Lola? Stephanie is really one of the most phenomenal contemporary voices out there and I can't wait for Isla and then to see what else is up her sleeve. I have no doubt I'll love it no matter what.

6. Rachel Hawkins - Rachel has such this incredible voice in her writing. I adored the entire Hex Hall series for the badass characters, diversity, and just voice. I love Sophie. And Archer is one of my favorite love interests of all time. I'm dying for School Spirits and really just want to read it right now. And Rebel Belle sounds fantastic so why is 2014 so far awaaaaaaay? I don't think Rachel can steer me wrong.

7. Libba Bray - I've stuck with Libba through Victorian English paranormal-stuff, through a book about a character with mad cow disease and a talking gnome, through Lord of the Flies satire with beauty queens, and most recently, through a rather scary book in the Jazz Age of New York City. I think at this point, Ms. Bray has proven her worth. I'm not gonna doubt her, wherever she chooses to go. (Also, she now recognizes me and I don't even have to say anything and when the woman who changed your life recognizes your face it's kind of a big deal.)

8. Sarah MacLean - I love, love, love Sarah's historical YA and there's really nothing, at least that I've found, quite like it. It's just fun and has mystery and a heavy dose of romance. I wish it was longer because I never wanted it to end. Sarah was also one of the very first romance novelists I read and she created a historical romance addict. Her adult stuff is absolutely fabulous and one of the few I'll pay full price for on Kindle. And as psyched as I am about all her adult stuff...I really hope she'll do more YA again someday.

9. Victoria Schwab - I really liked The Near Witch. I loved The Archived. I'm dying for both her adult book, Vicious, and The Archived's sequel, The Unbound. I've also met her a few times and she's just an absolutely lovely person. So, with her incredible ability to build a setting, her beautiful way with words, and her very distinct characters, I'll follow Victoria into whatever genre or age group she wants to write for.

10. John Green - Few books can make me cry and laugh like The Fault in Our Stars. Paper Towns is one of the funniest books I've ever read. Any author who can make me feel as intensely as John Green can keep me as a reader for life.

I'm also going to throw out shout outs to Ruta Sepetys, who introduces me to parts of history I'd never known anything about, and Tahereh Mafi, who is another writer with a very distinct voice and very sexy times.

Which authors will you always buy?


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