Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Behind the Books (5)

Let's just jump right into updates, shall we? I got a lot to cover.

1.) I finished my spring semester last week...mostly. I actually still have some things to do for one class, but it's all online. Oddly enough, it's largely blog posts and comments. I've only got one grade in so far, but I'm hoping it'll be a pretty good semester.

2.) I moved! Well...almost The dorm is SUPER expensive considering how little time I actually spend here during the year. It wasn't a problem for the past year because part of my honor's perks was a year of free dorming. But from now on? No way. Plus, I want to stay in NYC over the summer. I don't have anything specific to do this summer, but I may have something in the future. So, I'm currently sitting in my mostly empty dorm room and my roommate is staying at her parents' until we get internet in our apartment Wednesday morning. I'll be moving out pretty much everything that's left this morning/afternoon. Then I'll sleep here again tonight, get up early, check out, and head over to my apartment to wait for wireless hook up. Then...

3.) Since I live here, I'm going to BEA this year! First, I'll be helping out with Teen Author Carnival stuff tomorrow and then obviously going tomorrow night. Then I'll be up bright and early Thursday morning to head to Javitz! My schedule looks kind of crazy, including an extra early start on Thursday. I'm hoping to finally meet a lot of bloggers and authors and publicists that I haven't met before or haven't seen in a while. If you see me, please say hi! I'll have a badge that says my name and the blog. I'm awful at faces/names so...yeah. Come say hi to me. And don't feel bad if you think I'm ignoring you. I probably just don't realize who you are. (I walked past someone like twice once when we were trying to meet up before realizing who it was. Then I didn't say anything until she looked up in case I was wrong.) I've already met MG and Jen and Christina. Today, I'm having lunch with Bailey and pre-dinner dessert with Kelly. So, yeah. Not moving, not a bad knee, not exhaustion will keep me from seeing all the people I want to see.

4.) I've been doing a lot of editing recently. But, I'm still open for the summer. So, if you need an editor, go hop on over to Teen Eyes Editorial. We also have a special surprise coming this summer! And...lots of other ones!

5.) I'm obsessed with the song Brave by Sara Bareilles. Come, be obsessed with me, mmk?

6.) I'm also really obsessed with some shows. Game of Thrones. Scandal. Doctor Who. How I Met Your Mother. Once Upon a Time. Call the Midwife. I'm kind of...confused now that everything but GoT is on hiatus and GoT wasn't even on this week. At least I have The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. And Pretty Little Liars comes back soon. What are you guys addicted to?

7.) With summer and BEA comes my return to blogging. Promise. Just give me a week/week and a half for the dust to settle with BEA and TAC and moving and then I should be back to what it was a year ago. Hopefully.

What's new in your life? Anything you want to know more about or have questions about?


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