Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dark Secrets: No Time to Die by Elizabeth Chandler

Note: this book is part of a series, but the books are more companion novels. Each one has its own characters and plot, the setting is the only thing that really overlaps, so this one won't spoil the earlier books (and can be read in any order).

No Time to Die
by Elizabeth Chandler

Summary: Message from a dead girl... It's too late to call back. Jenny will never speak to Liza again. But it seems that even from beyond the grave, Liza is begging her sister for help....

They say it's a serial killer. Is it? Jenny can't afford to trust anyone. Now she's here, in Wisteria, anonymously registered at the Chase College theater camp where her sister died. The daughter of a famous theatrical family, Jenny distrusts actors, loathes acting. Yet here in the college's darkened theatre, Liza seems to be speaking to her. Suddenly Jenny is mouthing Liza's last lines, sharing Liza's last days, a drama starring Brian, the stage manager, who seems to follow her everywhere...dangerously attractive Mike...Paul, who was obsessed with Liza...motherly, suffocating assistant director Maggie...and Walker, the director, bristling with hostility and resentment against Liza and Jenny's famous father. Does he suspect Jenny's true identity?

How can anyone know the visions that may be driving Jenny straight into the killer's arms?
When I was younger, the majority of books I read were Point Horror books (or books like them, like this series), and I forgot how much I love those types of books until I read this one.

I genuinely don't know if I loved the book because it was actually good or if it's more because of nostalgia, but whichever it is, I still I loved it. The first book in the series was one of my favourites when I was younger, and this one had all the same elements that made me love that one.

They're quick reads, entertaining. They have decent characters and subtle romance that is present enough to make me smile but not so present that it overwhelms the plot. It's fun trying to figure out the mystery--even when I've decided that someone is totally just a red herring I end up second guessing myself, and even if I've figured it out, the author still finds little ways to surprise me (there was definitely one twist in this that I didn't see coming).

The book (and the others in the series) had that Scooby Doo moment at the end, when the bad guy stands around revealing their evil plan, but for some reason it doesn't bother me in these's part of their charm.

And this review is pretty crappy, but I guess my point is just that I still love these types of books and I didn't realise I missed reading them until I read this one. I'm always wary of going back to series that I used to love and reading them now, because I'm worried they won't be as good as I remember or I won't enjoy them like I did but this one left me wanting more of this series (luckily, I think there actually is one more book that was released quite recently and the others in the series were re-released a few years ago as bind ups, which I sort of want).


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  1. Oh My goodness! This book IS every star it earned! Not only does it have romance, but it has suspence, and keeps you wondering. I read it during the end of the school year, and every day I couldn't wait to get home just to read it. It was SO good. The ending, well...Let me just say that if you are like me and read the ending before the rest of the book usually...DON'T! It will ruin the whole thing! And I actullay didn't read the end first on this book...And o am I happy about that decision!



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