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First Loves Global Blog Tour: Jillian Cantor

The First Loves blog tour was put together by Bloomsbury to highlight their YA contemporary romance books. There are five Spring/Summer 2014 books being featured on the tour and we have Jillian Cantor, author of Searching for Sky, on the blog today.

Searching for Sky 
by Jillian Cantor

Summary: Sky and River have always lived on Island, the only world they’ve ever known. Until the day River spots a boat. Across Ocean, in a place called California, Sky is separated from River and forced to live with a grandmother she’s just met. Here the rules for survival are different. People rely on strange things like cars and cell phones. They keep secrets from one another. And without River, nothing makes sense. Sky yearns for her old life where she was strong and capable, not lost and confused. She must find River so they can return to Island, but the truth behind how they ended up there in the first place will come as the biggest shock of all.

Sounds great, doesn't it? The fact that it was described to me as a sort of reverse dystopian intrigued me, considering I'm thoroughly bored of the dystopian trend, I think this might be refreshing (that, and the fact that it has a Blue Lagoon sort of element to it).

Seeing as the topic of the blog tour is first loves/romance, I asked her who her top three literary couples were and which ones influenced her writing most. Here's her answer:
It is honestly so hard to pick three – I’m always drawn towards reading and watching love stories. I loved Peyton and Lucas (in One Tree Hill, and also Nathan and Haley!). For something more classic, I’d have to say Daisy and Gatsby, from The Great Gatsby, which is a book I always find myself coming back to over the years. And for the third, I’ll say Peeta and Katniss.

I don’t know that any of these literary couples have influenced my writing (though I did lean towards the name Lucas in my book because I was thinking of Lucas in One Tree Hill!). I think I’m influenced more by my own experiences and history. I’m married to my high school boyfriend, and so I like to think that my characters can find real love in their first loves too.
You can read more about the tour and the featured books on the First Loves tumblr.

And the tour schedule:


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