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Discussion: Unfinished Series

So I've been having this problem recently. Well, I say recently, but it's actually been going on for ages. It's about books in a series.

When I first started blogging, I loved books that were part of a series. But over the years, I kind of got sick of them.

Reading the first book in a series feels like you're commiting yourself to years of waiting for the rest of the series to come out. And some series (hell, most of them) seem to drag on and on way longer than they need to. I mean, is 6 books in a series really necessary? I've seen longer than that even, there's some that drag out for 10+ books and when the books are released one per year...that's insane. That's - that's a stupid amount of time to wait to get closure for a story.

And what if over the years you lose interest in the series or the genre, then you either have to force yourself to finish or you're kind of left hanging, not knowing how it all turned out. This actually has happened to me with a bunch of dystopian series.

There are so many book series that I loved, and yet I've been unable to bring myself to finish them. And I own a lot of them and I do want to read them but it's just...I can't snap out of my aversion to series long enough to make that happen. Here are some examples:

Unfinished Series (that I love):
(Before I start, I just want to say that I do really recommend these books, they're awesome!)

1. The Jessica Darling series. I lovelovelove this series. I've read 2.5/5 books in the series.

2. Hex Hall series. I've read one book in the trilogy. And it's only three books, I have no good reason for not finishing this series and yet it's been getting dusty on my shelf for so long.

3. The Iron Fey series. The first book was awesome and I own most/all of the others (I think) but like...there's 4 books in the series and a bunch of novellas and a spin off series too.

4. The Bronze Horseman trilogy. The first book is one of my favourite books...but I've had the next two on my shelves since last year. Why? I don't even know, because I desperately want to read them and the first book doesn't end in a way that makes it feel okay to stop there. But I still keep not reading them?

5. I'm going to group these together: The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices series. I actually think TMI may have played a part in my issue with long series. I mean, it was a trilogy, it was a trilogy that I loved and it ended well. But then no, they decided that it wouldn't end there, they were adding three more books in that series. And a prequel series (I've read two out of three). And spin off about Magnus. And another series in the same world after TMI is done and it's like, when will it stop?

6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The Haunting Emma series. The Mara Dyer series. Miss Peregrine's Home for Pecular Children series. Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. The Queens Thief series. I read the first book of each of these and loved them...and yet, I've not moved on to the second books.

11. The Hourglass series by Myra McEntire. The first book was awesome...why, why, why have I not read the last two books?

12, 13, 14. Love by Numbers series. The Gallagher Girls series. The Looking Glass Wars series.

And those are just the ones that I loved, there's plenty that I just liked/thought were okay and there's also some, like Skulduggery Pleasant, that I really enjoyed but gave up on because the series just got too long (I have a shelf on goodreads of unfinished series, and that's probably not all of them, just the ones I remembered to shelve).

I think I need to have a read-a-thon where I just finish as many of these series as I can because it's getting ridiculous.

I do wish that some series would stop being dragged out though. Trilogies/duologies are perfect, stand alones are fantastic, four I can tolerate (and most on my list fall in that zone, hhjljhd). But more books than that...gah.

It was different with books like Harry Potter, where I started reading when I was younger and literally grew up at the same as the characters did. Or books like Meg Cabots Mediator series, where the books are so short that you could literally read them all in a day if you wanted. But...but I should stop rambling and whining now.

I guess this post is mostly to publicly made myself feel guilty for not finishing the 14 series that I mentioned, in the hopes that it will motivate me to actually do something about it. Maybe I'll have a Series Summer, and I'll aim to complete at least one series per month or something (or just get through as many as I can).

Does anyone else have this problem? What book series have you not finished yet even though you love them? Would any of you join me in a Series Summer type thing, with a twitter hashtag to chat on?



  1. I have this problem all the time! So many series I start, read most of them, and just never finish them, even if I own the other books! Half the reason I never finish series is because I feel like I forget what happened in the earlier books and need to reread them before I read the next book, but I just never have time. I really love some of the series, but just never get around to finish reading them. I still haven't finish Divergent or TMI because I need to reread the first books to remind myself what happened. A year, or sometimes more between books, is a long time to remember all the plot details! A series summer readathon sounds like an awesome way to motivate myself to finish my favorite series!

    1. I usually don't reread the previous books before starting the sequels. I've found that the author normally recaps well enough for it to be okay, or the details of the previous books come back to me as I'm reading the newest one, so it's normally not necessary for me to reread.

      But, with a few of the series I listed here, I've left it so long between books that I probably would have to go back and reread (The Haunting Emma series, for example...I remember there were ghosts and that I loved it, but that's about it). It makes it an even more daunting task. :P

  2. Loved the Hex Hall series! I left off with City of Lost Souls, Clary is really annoying and I can only take her is small doses. Haven't tried Infernal Devices. You probably haven't read the second book in the Hourglass series because it wasn't good, still haven't read the third. I read & loved all the Gallagher Girls. I read all the Queen's Thief series. I still need to read Champion and Cress but I'm pretty good about finishing series once started.

  3. I completely agree and I completely have this problem. Now I think it's really refreshing to have stand alone novel that you get a nice rounded ending at the end of the book and can move on. I think Harry Potter was done so well because each book was its own nice little story with one overarching plot, but there were so many self contained elements.
    I had the same problem with TMI as you. I read the first three and then stopped. I liked where it ended, i didn't want more conflict that wasn't necessary. I didn't read the spinoff either. I had the same issue with Divergent. I LOVED the series and couldn't wait for it to finish but then i waited all that time for book three and felt really let down. I'd even finish a chapter and not have any desire to pick it up again for weeks! Miss Peregrine - welll the second book only came out a few months ago so i'm sure you can take a pass for that! I've been reading the Pretty Little Liars books. We're up to... 14 I think. It's ridiculous and I don't even enjoy them but i need to know what happens! SO ANNOYING!
    I quite like books set in the same universe that are entirely stand alone. Like Origin and Vitro - set in the same world with a few subtle references to the other book but completely stand alone.

    In saying that, I do still love a good trilogy. i really enjoyed the Kindrily Series and am currently reading the Ruby Red series, I just think the whole trilogy thing is getting so overdone...

    1. Yeah. I wish it was easier to find good stand alone fantasy/high fantasy/paranormal books. Those are the ones that seem to always *have* to be a series. It's easier finding contemporaries, although making those into a series or releasing a bunch of companion novels seems to be a thing now too (I do really like companion novels though).

      With The Mortal Instruments, I feel like I have to continue it now because I am interested in reading the series she's writing next (at least, I think she's writing it next, I've lost track at this point), The Dark Artifices and I'm not sure she'll be writing it to work on its own or if I'll need to have read the rest of the other series to properly follow what's happening.

      The 14 book thing is insane. I've read the first PLL book, I have the first 4 but I'm not sure if I want to continue them purely because of how dragged out the series is (same problem with The Morganville Vampires--I want to read the series, I own the first one, but there is at least 15 books released so far).



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