Friday, 20 June 2014

The Train by Diane Hoh

The Train
by Diane Hoh

Summary: Hannah, Mack, Kerry and Lewis. Four friends enjoying Parker High School's cross-country train tour from Chicago to San Francisco - until they learn what is on the train with them...a coffin. Frog's coffin.

One by one, Hannah's friends guiltily confess all the nasty things they did to Frog before his sudden and horrible death, and then, one by one, they are viciously attacked.

It seems that Frog is out for revenge. But Frog is dead...isn't he?
Do you ever get the urge to read the kind of books you used to love when you were younger, just to see if you'd love them the same way you did then?

Well, that's what this book was for me. I used to love Point Horror books when I was younger and I decided to check out some of the ones I hadn't read before, just to see if they'd be as entertaining to me now as they used to be.

But, sadly, I really didn't like this book. But, I don't know if that means these are the type of books that you completely outrgrow or if this was just one of the bad ones (because there are a few Point Horror books I do remember hating as a kid).

I thought this one would be interesting because I have been wanting to read one of those murder on a train type stories for a while, but this one just wasn't good at all. The story was totally flat and ridiculous, the characters were awful and I didn't care about any of them, and it was just...considering what happens in the story, it was surprisingly dull. It was a book that I should have been able to read really quickly, but it took me days to get through it.

So yeah, I don't recommend this book and I guess I'll just have to reread a Point Horror book that I used to love to find out if they stood the test of time, instead of trying new ones (although, I have one other PH book I've never read before, but this one put me off even attempting to read it). I'd rate this one 1.5 stars out of 5.


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