Monday, 18 August 2014

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour
by Morgan Matson

Summary: Amy Curry is not looking forward to her summer. Her mother decided to move across the country and now it's Amy's responsibility to get their car from California to Connecticut. The only problem is, since her father died in a car accident, she isn't ready to get behind the wheel. Enter Roger. An old family friend, he also has to make the cross-country trip - and has plenty of baggage of his own. The road home may be unfamiliar - especially with their friendship venturing into uncharted territory - but together, Amy and Roger will figure out how to map their way.
I started reading this book back when the booktube-a-thon was happening and it's taken me a few weeks to get through it. Now that I have, I'm not really sure what I think of it.

The writing is good, I liked the characters a lot and the relationship between Amy and Roger. If I based my opinion on that alone, it would get higher rating, but... there was just something missing.

I think it may have been because of the plot. While it never bored me, it also didn't ever really hook me...and it was realistic, I guess, but that doesn't aways make for the most interesting story to read. There were some high points, but it was mostly quite repetetive and predictable and in the end, I was kind of underwhelmed by it (I actually had a, "That's it?" moment when I finished it).

I thought it was a sweet story but it lacked that spark of something that would make it amazing. I did love the playlists scattered throughout the book though--Roger's music could easily be stuff lifted right out of my own music collection, so I may flip back through the book and see if there's any bands I don't recognise that I can check out.

But yeah...that's all I have to say about the book. It was good, and it was cute, it's just not one that's going to stick with me at all. I'd rate it 3 stars out of 5 (but, plenty of other people seem to love it, so I'm probably in the minority in being underwhelmed by the book--actually, the fact that so many people loved it may have played a part in my disappointment, because they had me expecting amazing things from the book).


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