Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss

Rules of Protection
by Alison Bliss

Summary: It’s rule breaker Emily Foster's birthday, and like everyone at The Jungle Room, she just wants to get some action. Unfortunately, she stumbles on the wrong kind, witnessing a mob hit. To protect her, she's entered into the Witness Protection Program with by-the-book Special Agent Jake Ward as her chaperone.

When the location of their safe house is compromised, Jake stashes Emily deep in the Texas backwoods. The city-girl might be safe from the Mafia, but she has to contend with a psychotic rooster, a narcoleptic dog, crazy cowboys, and the danger of losing her heart to the one man she can’t have.

Jake's as hot as he is infuriating, and she can't help but push all his buttons to loosen him up. Their mutual, sizzling sexual attraction poses a dilemma: Jake's determined to keep her safe and out of the wrong hands; she's determined to get into the right ones—his.
As you may have noticed from the blog, most of the books I read are YA books. But every so often I like to read trashy adult romances (please know that, to me, trashy is a term of endearment when applied to books--you know the ones, not much literary merit but really fun to read)--they snap me out of reading funks. They're the perfect break between books that are boring or emotionally draining.

Basically, I'm in one of those moods right now. I usually just go for cheap/free Kindle versions when I'm looking for this sort of book (I think this was a free one when I got it), so they can be very hit or miss when it comes to the quality--I've read some really good ones and some laughably terrible ones, but this was just what I needed it to be, definitely one of the good ones.

It was fast paced and fun, it made me smile and it made me laugh (proper laugh-out-loud laughter at times).

The side characters were awesome, I loved them and they really breathed life into the story (I hate when books are ruined by flat side characters). Emily, the main character, could be very annoying at times and she incredibly immature but in the end, in spite of all of that, I actually kind of liked her.

And the romance--it's one of my favourite guilty pleasure types, where there's all these sparks and chemistry and the two characters would probably hate each other if it wasn't so obvious they loved each other instead. Neither of them were perfect, both of them could be total asshats, but for some reason I couldn't help but ship them so hard.

The book had its flaws, there were little bits that annoyed me and probably should've annoyed me more than they did but I enjoyed reading it too much to care really. It wasn't perfect but it didn't matter, is what I'm trying to say.

I'd rate the book 4 stars out of 5, going purely on how fun it was to read. If you're in the mood for something fun and this sounds like your kind of thing, check it out.


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