Friday, 13 February 2015

After Math by Denise Grover Swank

After Math
by Denise Grover Swank

Summary: Scarlett Goodwin’s world is divided into Before and After.

Before she agreed to tutor Tucker Price, college junior Scarlett was introvert, struggling with her social anxiety and determined to not end up living in a trailer park like her mother and her younger sister. A mathematics major, she goes to her classes, to her job in the tutoring lab, and then hides in the apartment she shares with her friend, Caroline.

After junior Tucker Price, Southern University’s star soccer player enters the equation, her carefully plotted life is thrown off its axis. Tucker’s failing his required College Algebra class. With his eligibility is at risk, the university chancellor dangles an expensive piece of computer software for the math department if Scarlett agrees to privately tutor him.Tucker’s bad boy, womanizer reputation makes Scarlett wary of any contact, let alone spending several hours a week in close proximity.

But from her first encounter, she realizes Tucker isn’t the person everyone else sees. He carries a mountain of secrets which she suspects hold the reason to his self-destructive behavior. But the deeper she delves into the cause of his pain, the deeper she gets sucked into his chaos. Will Scarlett find the happiness she’s looking for, or will she be caught in Tucker’s aftermath?
I didn't really intend to read this book... It's one of those ones I downloaded on a whim because it was free on Kindle, then I forgot all about it. But I was bored in the car the other day and started reading it for lack of anything else to do while waiting and I ended up finishing the book the same day--for some reason it just hooked me.

I really liked the relationships in the book. I think the romance was done quite well, it's one of those ones where they go from zero to I love you within only a couple of weeks, but it didn't feel insta-lovey, which I liked. They were really cute together and I liked that their personalities complimented each other and made them better together than apart.

I liked the characters a lot, too. I found Scarlett frustrating at times because of the anxiety thing, not because it was poorly done really, more because I've had a lot of personal experience with that and it's one of those things that I find tedious to read about instead of enjoying the relatability (I'm not sure if it other people would enjoy that part of it), but aside from that she was a pretty good protagonist and I loved that she was a math nerd and was so unashamed of it and I loved how ambitious she was in spite of her issues.

The only thing I didn't like much was the writing, but it wasn't too bad.

Anyway... It wasn't an amazing book--it was cute, it was fun to read while I was reading it, but it's one of those ones you forget you even read within a couple of days (I actually had more to say about the book than this, but I lost my review notes and can't remember much to say about it even though it's only been a few days). 

I'd rate it 3 stars out of 5. It's a good one if you want a quick read to kill some time, but I wouldn't recommend it if you want something amazing that will stick with you.


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