Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Top Ten Bookish Problems

I wasn't going to do Top Ten Tuesday this week but 1) I kind of liked this topic and 2) I haven't finished any of the books I intended to finish over the weekend (being on Skype from 1pm-ish until after 1am with my best friends isn't really the best way to read-a-thon, oops).

But yeah, the topic this week:

Bookish Problems

1. Series - It's not even that there are too many series's really, it's more that most of them are too long. Duologies are fine, trilogies are good too...quartets are pushing it, but then a lot of the series being
released now are dragged out for 5-10 books (some crazy ones are even longer). There are too many good books out there to invest so much time and money into one series, especially when the books are released one a year and I can't guarantee I will even be into the same books 5+ years from now.

2. Dual narration - I hate books with alternating POV's. There are exceptions, but it's a general pet peeve so I absolutely hate that dual narration seems to be a trend in New Adult romances now.

3. Angsty romances - Okay...I like angst, but I need to be in a certain mood for it and it has to be done right, but I've lost count of the New Adult romances I've read the summaries for that sound so generic because they're basically "girl has tragic past, she meets boy who has a secret tragic past, they fix each other, blahblahblah" and it's just...it's annoying, I especially don't like the whole fixing each other aspect because it's not a good message to send, that you need a relationship to fix yourself.

4. Parental death - My dad died, so this one is tricky. If it's done well, it can be fine, but sometimes it's written by people who have no clue how it feels and a lot of the time it seems like it's just thrown in to give the main character a Tragic Past and give her a manic pixie dream girl quality (even then, it can be written well--like in Looking for Alaska--but it's irritating to see this awful thing that I've experienced, that people I know have experienced, turned into this thing to make a character interesting when the reality of it is awful).

5. Dystopia - Thankfully, it seems like this is dying down a bit, but for a good few years there, there was such a flood of dystopia that I became so thoroughly sick of reading it or watching it or seeing it. It got to the point where I couldn't even finish series that I loved because I was just done with the genre.

6. Chalky pages - This is an odd one. I'm scared of chalk and some books seem to have been printed with chalky pages... I get quite pathetic when I stumble across one of those. I tried reading with mittens on. I tried reading with rubber gloves on. I even tried turning pages with a sandwich bag over my hands... Nothing helped. So I gave up and gave my best friend my chalky-paged books (saddening, seeing as I was looking forward to reading Deathless and Annexed).

7. Cravings - I go through phases of craving certain types of stories (shush, not that type) but then I can rarely find any to fit what I'm looking for. The most recent ones are good love stories set during wars (I blame The Bronze Horseman and Between Shades of Gray) or love stories set in the Middle East with Muslim characters (I blame A Thousand Splendid Suns).

8. Not published here - Now, it's not so bad if the book is published in the US, those are easy enough to get hold of even if they are slightly more expensive...but books published in Australia? Gah! I want so many and they're so out of reach (I know of one book site that ships Aussie books but they're stupidly expensive--like £15-20 for a YA paperback--and the site can be a bit dodgy apparently). And don't even get me started on the many books that sound amazing but aren't published in English (I have so much sympathy for people who don't read English well, it must be worse for them).

9. I forget my Kindle exists - This tends to happen often...I forget about it for months, which isn't too bad except sometimes I forget about it while I have e-ARC's on there and then by the time I remember, they've expired and my feedback ratio on Netgalley isn't as high as it should be because of it.

10. Choosing which book to read - There are so many books to read that I suck at deciding which one...sometimes I'll struggle to choose so much that I end up not reading any and it's ridiculous and I'm stupidly indecisive. I've tried the book jars, but those don't work for me. It's a good problem to have, I suppose, because it's better to have too many choices than not enough but it's frustrating too.

And I guess that's all... I'm going to go now (and pay attention to my friends, as I'm writing this while in a Skype call...oops). Agree with any of my bookish problems? Got some of your own?


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  1. I definitely understand your pain with series. It seems that everything is part of a series nowadays. Finding a standalone is quite rare. I also hate it when I don't know what book to read. :( Awesome list!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian



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