Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weekly Wrap Up (31)

On the Blog:
So since it's actually been a few weeks since we've done one of these, I'm just going to include everything since then:

Again, these are all from whenever we last did a wrap up post, not just this week. :)

Book Haul

For review:

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten - I hadn't heard of this before but it sounds good (and I love it when publishers do fun publicity stuff - the matchsticks were like little shortbread biscuits with icing tips and the notebook and pen is cute).

As White As Snow by Salla Simukka - I read the first book last year and really enjoyed it, so I hope this one will be equally awesome. And, I think this one is set in Prague, which is awesome.

My Smoky Bacon Crisp Obsession by J. A. Buckle - Not really my kind of thing, but the title did make me laugh. And the fact that it showed up with a bag of crisps.

What She Left by T. R. Richmond (netgalley) - I've been wanting to read more mystery/crime type books and this one sounded interesting.

The Belly Burn Plan by Traci D. Mitchell (netgalley) - It was on my auto-approvals list so I got it out of curiosity. I've never read this sort of book before but now seemed like a good time seeing as I've been trying to be more healthy recently (which is going pretty well so far, I feel better and have actually lost 16 pounds).


The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski - Which I had an e-ARC of and have already read and loved (and reviewed), I needed it on my shelf.

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins - This is one I've been wanting to read since it came out, but the hardcover was always expensive any time I looked for it online, so I waited for the paperback.

All Fall Down by Ally Carter - Another one that I read an e-ARC of and really enjoyed. I hate the UK cover, I wish they'd used the same as the US edition...but, it did come with free mascara?

Half Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout - Because Lux has made a fangirl out of me (even though I'm only 2 books into the series). I need all of her books, basically.

Sustain by Tijan (e-book) - I've been wanting to read this one ever since she posted a teaser of it on facebook last year, I'm so glad it's finally out.


Outlander and the second book in the Mara Dyer trilogy. I had a free trial of Audible, and then 3 months half price, so I've got these two so far. One of my goals for this year is to listen to 2 audiobooks -- so far, I've listened to Code Name Verity, so one of these can be my second. I've never listened to an audiobook that I hadn't already read the physical book of before, so this will be new for me. 

And I think that's everything... What've you all been reading? :)


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