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The Mortal Instruments TV Show Fan Cast

It's been a while since I've done a fan cast post -- making fan casts is actually one of my favourite bookish fangirl things to do, so since The Mortal Instruments is being made into a TV show (and Page to Premiere got me thinking about who I'd like cast), I thought I'd fan cast it.

I'm trying to go with choices that are possible (i.e. not choosing movie stars that wouldn't be likely to do a TV show) and since it's easy to end up using the same cast of characters over and over again for different books, so I've tried to go with less well known ones. 

Clary Fray

Skyler Samuels - I've only seen her in a few things, but I really liked her in Nine Lives of Chloe King. She doesn't fit Clary's description 100%, but with some red hair dye, I think she'd do a good job.

Or Philippa Northeast - Again, she'd need her hair dyed red, but I'd really like her as Clary (and I think she could pull off the red -- she has the pale skin and freckles already). Well, assuming she could do the accent right...She's Australian, but half the cast of big movies and TV shows now seem to have been on Home and Away or Neighbours or some other Aussie show.

Jace Wayland

Luke Mitchell - Another Australian. He's a quite a bit older than Jace, but it doesn't bother me when they cast a little older (maybe because I'm so used to it) or age the characters up, he can pass for younger depending on the character he's playing and if he shaves off the facial hair. Aside from his age, I think he'd be great. And I just want to leave these here, because he's so pretty in motion:

or Hunter Parrish - He's one of the only blonde actors I could think of that looked like they could pull off Jace's brand of sass. He's actually only a year younger than Luke. I can't think of any good age appropriate Jace options (most seem too...nice, like they couldn't get the attitude down, or typically play douche-y guys so the attitude will make them seem like horrible).
Simon Lewis

Dylan O'Brien - He's adorable. He's gorgeous, but he's good at playing the awkward, nerdy best friend type who doesn't have a clue how attractive he can be (the fact I like him as Simon is one of the reasons I wouldn't like Holland Roden as Clary -- it'd be like watching Stiles and Lydia from Teen Wolf). 

Alfred Enoch - He's the only other person I can think of that I'd love as Simon. I blame that smile of his, it's just so cute. Plus, he'd make the cast a bit more diverse than it is.

Isabelle Lightwood

Again with the Australians with these two...

Adelaide Kane - She has the right look, and on Reign and Teen Wolf, she proved she could easily pull off all aspects of Isabelle's personality.

Demi Harman - She's an odd one. I've only ever seen her be one character (Sasha on Home and Away) which she plays well and Isabelle is very, very it's hard to picture. But physically, she can look the part. Whether she could act the part, I'm not sure, she'd be a wildcard. 

Alec Lightwood

Dominic Sherwood - Most of my Alec choices are too old (and actually look too old), but Dominic could work. He'd definitely have the attitude down if his Vampire Academy performance is anything to go by.

Jack Falahee - Love him on How to Get Away with Murder, he could definitely play Alec well (if he could look close to Alec's age).


Rachelle Lefevre - I'm just going to include a gif of her. She looks the part, she could totally play the part too. I can easily picture as the artsy, painter mum and also as the secret bad ass. Plus, her hair is epic and she looks like she could play the mother of my Clary choices (I can't remember how old Jocelyn was when she had Clary, but Rachelle is 36, probably close to 37 by the time the show, it's possible).

And that's all I've got. I can't for the life of me think of someone for Magnus, because I loved the movie casting and any other options I think of look far too old or far too young.

Who would you like to see cast in the show?



  1. no MAGNUs the best of all

    1. I love Magnus, but like I said in the post, I couldn't think of anyone for him because I liked the movie casting so much. :)



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