Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read

The topic this time is ten books I will probably never read. Well, there are many, many, many books I'll never read so I'm going to narrow it down to books that I own but will probably never read (some are ones I actually started reading but won't finish).

1. Ulysses by James Joyce - This is one of those books I got purely because it felt like I should read it, not because I wanted to read it. And since then, I've seen enough reviews of it to think that I won't enjoy it at all.

2. Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen - With a lot of classics, I tend to only get the desire to read them after seeing an adaptation or reading a retelling that I loved (not all classics, but a lot). This one? I've disliked all the adaptations that I've seen, I think, so it's one of the Austen stories I have zero desire to read. Am I making a mistake? Probably. It may just be that there are no really good adaptations, or if there are, I've not seen them.

3. The Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith - I'm a fan of the TV show and I really think if I'd read the books when I was a lot younger, I'd have loved them but I've read so much good YA lit that I don't think it could compare. I read The Secret Circle (first book only) by the same author and it was so mediocre...the characters, the writing. Basically, I just think I missed that window of time where I would've enjoyed this book and maybe they work better as TV shows.

4. Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver - I did like the first book, Delirium, but it's one of those ones that in the time between reading the first one and the next books coming out, I just lost all interest in the series. And, on top of that, I am thoroughly burned out with the whole dystopia thing.

5. The Symposium by Plato - I actually did start reading this one and I could not get through it. Which is bad, considering how short it is. It's just... Well. It's ridiculously, painfully, pretentious and arrogant and self-congratulatory. Most of all, it didn't feel like I was reading anything profound and I didn't come across any quotes
or ideas that got under my skin and made me think -- perhaps I didn't read far enough. I understand that this was written a long time ago, but understanding the impact this sort of literature has had doesn't make it any less insufferable to read through now. Maybe there was enlightening ideas and discussions in this book, but the style it's written in... No.

6. Notes from the Blender by Trish Cook & Brendan Halpin - Another one I started reading (also a short book), but I just hated what I read of it. I hated the male character and I'm not a fan of alternating POV's. I put it down ages ago and have never felt any desire to pick it up again. 

7. The Basic Eight by Daniel Handler - Daniel Handler is one of those authors that I want to love, and yet I find myself barely liking the books of his I attempt to read (although I've not read enough to know if it's a definitely pattern yet). I started reading this one, couldn't stand the main character (which may have been intentional, but it didn't do much to keep me turning the pages) and I just couldn't bring myself to drag my way to the end of it.

8. A Brighter Fear by Kerry Drewery - This is a book I spent months excited for. A love story? Set during the Iraq war? That's all I needed to know. I couldn't even make it through a three chapters of it, I hated the writing so much. Maybe one day I'll give it another chance, but I doubt it.

9. Allegiant by Veronica Roth - This one is partly due to the dystopia burn out, and partly due to having read spoilers of what happens. The spoilers have me convinced I won't like it -- not because of what happens, but the way it happens. My only problem with the first book was that a plot twist at the end came across as really contrived and it sounds like the big thing in the last book goes down the same way. Of all the ones on the list though, this is the one I'm most likely to change my mind on and give another chance... I just don't see it happening any time soon.

10. The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff - I was drawn in by the creepy-pretty US cover for this book, cover lust had me so convinced I had to read it that I settled for the crappy UK cover...then I couldn't even make it a third of the way into the book. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't my kind of thing and I'll never finish it.

Anyone think I should reconsider any of these? 


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