Friday, 21 August 2015

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between
Jennifer E. Smith
[September 1, 2015]
ARC via Teen Author Carnival

On the night before they leave for college, Clare and Aidan only have one thing left to do: figure out whether they should stay together or break up. Over the course of twelve hours, they'll retrace the steps of their relationship, trying to find something in their past that might help them decide what their future should be. The night will lead them to friends and family, familiar landmarks and unexpected places, hard truths and surprising revelations. But as the clock winds down and morning approaches, so does their inevitable goodbye. The question is, will it be goodbye for now or goodbye forever?

This new must-read novel from Jennifer E. Smith, author of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, explores the difficult choices that must be made when life and love lead in different directions.
I love Jennifer Smith and this was one of my most anticipated titles for the fall. In fact, there were two books I had to walk out of BEA with, and this was one of them. And while it was excellent, I didn't fall in love with it the way I usually fall in love with her books.

Don't get me wrong, I totally cried at the end. It was sweet and wonderful and meaningful and timely to my own life, as only Jennifer Smith always seems to manage to do. I picked this up less than a week after saying goodbye-for-now to a life I've spent three years building and knowing I was leaving my home for the past 11 years shortly. So, yes, a story about leaving home and the important people in your life and how much to hold on to was very, very relevant to me. But I think maybe while I was in a similar space, the space I was in wasn't the same place and I never had something close to that. My college was 45 minutes away from home and so were my friends. I never had to feel like I was leaving anyone behind. Maybe if I read it closer to leaving the country it would help.

My lack of important chemistry aside, this was beautifully written, as all of Jennifer's books are. It's split up by the landmarks they go visit and it's really fun to see how the night goes and evolves and I loved finding out the reason behind each landmark. It was really sweet but also very realistic as far as things teenagers do.

The romance was also incredibly sweet and meaningful. They had to have a lot of really big discussions about each other and the future and their relationship because of what night it was. And these conversations were thoughtful and honest. I loved this couple and seeing how they worked through their issues. It was adorable and heartbreaking.

It really is a great book with a super important and relevant topic. Well written, romantic, funny, and devastating all in one. I personally didn't click with it, but it has everything you want from a Jennifer Smith novel.


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