Monday, 3 August 2015

Throwing My Hat In - ARC August

So, this is just a quick post to announce I'll be joining in ARC August, hosted by the lovely ladies at Read.Sleep.Repeat. I had been pretty much intending to do this as it was - I've been in a massive slump for most of the summer, but I've finished moving and I've got five weeks until I leave for England and I'm not bringing a single physical book besides my travel books and anything I might need for school, so I need to kick my butt in gear on my fall ARCs!

I'll post a picture at some point this week on Twitter and Instagram, but for now, I'll be mostly focusing on my BEA books, which you can find here. I've got 22 reads left from BEA, plus a few ARCs that have come in since or just before BEA and an egalley or two. I don't think I'll actually get to them all, but I'm definitely going to be trying!

I know, this is super boring and simple, but sign ups close in a couple of hours, so I don't have the light or timing to make this pretty (plus I think some of the ARCs are still at the old house - oops!). 

Anything in particular you think I HAVE to get to this month?


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