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Behind the Books (6)

Well, haven't done one of these in a long time! Where to start?

Moving and Moving and Moving

Back in May, I finished my third year of university in New York City. I still haven't quite adjusted to telling people I'm in my senior year. Not going into, not doing X in my senior year. I'm in it and this is all happening. The same week I finished finals, I also wrapped up a publicity internship at St. Martin's Press, which was amazing. I think it solidified that I'll be looking into publicity and marketing work as opposed to editorial. I'm not shutting the door on editorial totally, but the odds are not in it's favor.

As soon as I finished my internship and finals, I began moving. Over Memorial Day weekend, I took what I had packed up back to my parents to celebrate my young brother's eleventh birthday. He's getting so old! His birthday also means that I'm next in the line of 1s. My mom had my older sister, myself, and my younger brother about ten years apart - 1984, 1994, 2004 - so each year, the last number of our birthdays are the same. My sister turned 31 in January, my brother turned 11, and I'll be turning 21 in just about two months. I started getting really serious about this blog right after my 15th birthday, so it's mind boggling.

I then returned to my apartment for BEA. I helped out a lot again this year at the Teen Author Carnival and it was so much fun! Then, three incredible days at - hopefully - my last BEA as a regular attendee. I won't be going next year since it's in Chicago and right in the middle of finals, and hopefully I'll be employed by 2017! I did a recap on the blog in June about BEA, so you can check that out here.

During my bits of down time at BEA, I was at my apartment, packing it into boxes. I stayed up late the last night trying to pack up as many as I could, then up early to finish. Around 11, my parents showed up and we began packing everything else into the cars, putting things my roommate and I didn't want out for free, bagging up my mattress, box spring, and rug, and taking them out to the trash. It only took about an hour and then I was officially no longer a resident of New York City.

We swung by my grandma's house and began unpacking things I wouldn't need for a while since we were moving in later this summer, grabbed lunch, and then I resettled into my parents' house.

Then we waited.

An offer had been put in to our house and accepted, but there was still a lot of hurdles to jump through with the bank and inspections and poor communication skills going around the group involved. As of writing this post, we're still waiting on a closing date, just about four months to the day after the offer was accepted.

By the end of July, my parents were sick of the waiting game and my dad was sick of his longer commute to and from work - the commute would be about 5 minutes from my grandma's. My mom had left her job and I had to get in and out of the city for various meetings, which was more complicated in our hold house than in our new house. So, we packed up what we needed and piled it into moving trucks. I went a day early with the cats to make sure we wouldn't lose them in all the craziness that is a moving day. We spent a lot of August moving things we hadn't gotten packed and putting things in storage and clearing up the basement where a lot of our stuff is stored. But since we were settled, we could start getting all of the little things done - stuff I needed to do for study abroad, appointments for me and my brother, unpacking and reorganizing everything. And we went on vacation, which was nice.

I managed to go to an overdue doctor's appointment, where I got 5 shots and blood drawn, two dentist appointments, and an oral surgeon to get all four of my wisdom teeth removed 9 days before I left the country.

Now, we're all settled into the new house, for the most part. The old house is cleaned out. My brother has started school and seems pretty okay with it so far. The cats have gotten used to the house, for the most part. It's still a constant balance trying to combine how we life with how my grandma lives - she's been on her own in that house for 19 years or so, so we're not shocked.

And yes, now I'm no longer in the country.

I'm writing this post about a week in advance of posting it, so I left for London Tuesday night and arrived Wednesday morning. I'll be here for three months, living about 45 minutes from Picadilly Circus (when taking the fastest modes of mass transit). Classes are starting a few days after this post goes up (technically Monday, but I may or may not have Monday classes). So far, I've had some orientation, some registration, and plenty of reasons to start learning the new mass transit system. We've made a couple of trips into central London so far and it's amazing how similar to New York it still all feels to me. I kind of feel like I'm just in some new neighborhood of Manhattan a lot of the time.

This past week was Fresher's Week so I went to a club and I went to an amusement park (in the cold and rain) and I visited a nearby town with a Waterstones and a Paperchase, but I've been feeling rather unwell for the past couple of days - probably partially due to the cold/rainy amusement park, partially due to general new country/new school/new people. So, I've taken it easy the past couple of days instead of going to a lot of the events and today while you're reading this, I'm in Bath, being an Austen nerd.

So, yes. I'll be here for a few months and I'll be visiting a few places throughout Europe while I'm not so far away - including going to meet Lanna in Scotland for the first time. I'll be posting a lot of these adventures on instagram - both my personal and my official travel instagram. I created a second one because my school has a social media team for study abroad they want us to share with...but I don't want them to have my personal account. It also allows my mom and other family members and friends from real life access to what's happening without sharing my account full of books, cats, and selfies. They don't know I'm that weird and I'd like to keep it that way. I do also have a tumblr dedicated to this, again, for school purposes, so it's gonna be the pretty cleaned up version. Twitter and my personal instagram will be the most open about what's going on, so take your pick!

And that's been my life the past couple of months! What's up with you guys lately? 


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