Thursday, 1 October 2015

Harry Potter: Character Vault by Jody Revenson

Harry Potter: Character Vault
by Jody Revenson

Summary: Unlock new information about your favourite characters from the Harry Potter movies with this definitive coffeetable book profiling the good, the bad, and everything in between within the Harry Potter universe. Dive into the personal journeys of beloved Harry Potter heroes, and an insightful look at the motivations and actions of the films’ most notorious and complicated villains. Concept art, behind-the-scenes imagery, and film stills track everyone from Harry, Hermione, and Ron to Dobby, Mad-Eye Moody, and Dolores Umbridge, telling their complete stories as they evolve throughout the film series. A comprehensive collection of the movies’ beloved characters, this beautifully designed book is the ultimate Harry Potter character overview.
This is not the type of book I normally read or review, so I'm not quite sure how this goes... I guess I'll just wing it, okay? Okay!

I pretty much loved this book. Not only is it really aesthetically stunning (really well made, really high quality), but it sparked that same ache of nostalgia and wonder that Harry Potter gives me. This world and these characters that so many of us grew up a way, even though it was fiction, it was real to us and this book is all about the process of taking that world that exists between the pages of books and in the imagination of the readers who love it so much and turning it into this real, tangible thing instead of just an idea -- and that was fascinating to read about.

I loved getting a behind the scenes look at how the creators of the movie brought this world J K Rowling created to life -- the attention to every little detail left me kind of in awe and I'd never really considered before just how much thought goes into making movies like Harry Potter look and feel authentic (or the things they have to think about for the sake of continuity and to avoid anachronisms).

Really, I loved it for the insight into movie making almost as much as I loved it for being about Harry Potter.

But, even if you're not particularly into what goes into making a movie or the process of bringing a character to life from page to screen, this is still a wonderful book to have if you're a fan of the series -- just because it's beautiful really, the illustrations are incredible and the photos are gorgeous, and it's nice to see the visual progression of the characters from the first time we saw them to the last.

And, it had these two posters! One for The Order of the Phoenix and one for the Death Eaters:

I'd rate the book 5 stars out of 5. I haven't read the other two books (I think there's one for creatures and one for locations?), but now I want to. And now I want to go binge watch all the movies...


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