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Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do/Learn

So...I sort of took a little blogging hiatus. Partly because I was doing Camp NaNoWriMo, but mostly just because I've been in a major reading slump. I've finished two, maybe three, books since I last posted a review (and started about 5). Anyway, I figured a Top Ten Tuesday would be a good way of jumping back into blogging.

The topic of this weeks TTT is ten things books have made me want to do or learn about after reading them.

Before I start my list, I just want to clarify that with the list I was very literal with the topic -- just things books have made me want to do, only a few on the list are things I'm ever likely to actually accomplish or even attempt.

1. Write

This one is probably the most obvious one. I've always been a bit of a dreamer and a story teller, but it wasn't until I read a few of my favourite books in my teens that I ever considered actually writing down those ideas. It started with short stories, then moved onto long fanfiction, then migrated to just original novels. It was actually probably Twilight that made me realise that it's something I could do, then reading books by people like Melina Marchetta made me realise the kind of writer I wanted to be (although I'll never achieve that level of awesomeness). I'm actually aiming to try querying agents later this year/early next year (assuming my current WIP's go as well as I hope them to).

2. Travel 

Again, another obvious one. But sometimes it feels like I've travelled the world (ours and others) in books and I want to see it all and experience it for myself too. I want to see Iceland (Burial Rites) and Romania (Dracula) and France (Anna and the French Kiss) and Greece (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants) and so many other places that I've read about it stories.

3. Learn about history 

I do this thing where I'll hear about something or read about something and I'll latch onto that something and become obsessed for a little while. The obsession normally passes, but it remains under my skin and flares up unexpectedly from time to time. 

History in books does that to me -- certain events, certain time periods...I get obsessed and want to learn more. World War 2 is one of the biggest obsessions, mostly because books have taught me about sides to the war I never even knew existed because they teach us a very limited view of it in school and don't really give us the other sides to the story (e.g. the Soviet deportations of the Baltic States, the Siege of Leningrad, what happened in Germany after they lost, female spies, female pilots).

4. FLY!

You can blame Elizabeth Wein for this one (and I guess to a tiny extent, J. M. Barrie). I've read three of her books now that all feature fantastic female characters who are also pilots and omg, I wish so much that I could do that. I think I would probably love it but it's just not an option for me for multiple reasons. The first and most practical one is that it's just not financially possible for me right now, the second reason is that I have a crippling fear of...not flying, per se, I guess a fear of that control and responsibility? It's kind of like the stage fright thing. I could learn all that I need to do but in that moment in the cockpit of a plane when it would really matter, I think I'd freeze.

5 a) Learn to read ancient Greek 

Odd one, perhaps. It's mostly because I really want to be able to read classical Greek lit in their original form. Ideally, I'd love to read every book in their original language but I don't think that's within my capabilities. Languages are not my forte, but this one is one that I might maybe be able to master...in time, a lot of time 

5 b) Learn to read Dutch 

This specific one is because there are some Dutch novels I want to read that have not been--and show no signs of being--translated into English (like Thea Beckman's books). Perhaps I won't even like those books but the very fact I can't have them makes me want them even more. I don't think I will ever be able to learn Dutch though -- it's not the easiest of languages (my uncle has been living in Belgium for years and still can't speak it, despite his best efforts, even though his partner and step son speak Dutch with English as their second language and his two sons will grow up bilingual too).

6. Learn to understand spoken German

Well, written too, for the same reasons as above but mostly spoken because I love the Ruby Red trilogy by Kerstin Gier. They've made movie adaptations and the first one was available dubbed and subtitled in English (either are fine with me) but with the sequels, they decided not to bother...a wonderful bilingual German fan translated the second movie and tried to make subtitles for us English speaking fans but it wasn't quite the same and I'm not sure if any will bother for the third (out this year). Basically, I just want to be able to watch and understand the movie adaptation of a series I adore.

7. Surf, ice skate 

Grouping these two together. Now, I have the grace and poise of a hippo and the balance of an arthritic pensioner trying to walk a tightrope in stilettos (oddly, I was quite a good gymnast when I was younger but all of that skill seems to have evaporated out of me)...so I'm so never going to do either of these things (plus, with surfing, I'm not a strong swimmer), but certain books have made me want to try. Books: Raw Blue (surfing), Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler (ice skating -- although, there've been a couple that made me want to try skating).

8. Theatre

There have been a few that have made me want to be involved in theatre, but books like Eyes Like Stars in particular...they just capture a sort of magic and atmosphere with theatre that I'm fascinated by and mildly obsessed with. Except, I have zero musical talent or acting ability and I have the level of stage fright that would have me incapable of saying lines out loud in front of an audience. I'd just be standing there, in a panic, not making sound while panicking even more about the fact I'm not making any sound. Basically, I'd love to be involved in some way with with theatre but I just don't have the sort of talent or confidence. But I wish I had.

9. Write poetry/music

Linking these two together and keeping them separate from the writing one because while I can write...I cannot write songs or poetry. I lovelovelove music, but I just don't have the basic skill set required to actually be able to make music (best friend bought me a ukulele for my birthday a few years ago and I still can't play even the most basic of songs)...and my attempts at poetry, oh boy, I cringe so hard even thinking about it. I mean, I still attempt poetry sometimes but what it boils down to is I ramble way too much to be able to write poetry -- poetry tells a story or paints a feeling with as few words as possible and I just can't do that very well. But books like The Sky is Everywhere and so many others make me wish I could.

10. Read more classics 

Sometimes I'll read a retelling of a classic before reading the classic itself, and I'll love it and it'll make me want to pick up the classic. And then I do and I realise that, actually, I do like classics and they're not the chore to read that my brain always defaults to thinking of them as. But I still end up falling back to that default mindset over and over again -- and I want to change that. I want to read all of the classics (or try to). Or just - I want to read all of the books. 

Bonus: I stuck to the sort of realistic options for this list but books have also made me want to be a knight, a princess, a pilot, a spy and so many other things. But that's part of the beauty of books -- they allow us to live very briefly in a world we can never know or experience in our own lives.


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  1. Books have definitely increased my yen for travel!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/top-ten-tuesday-67/



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