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Book Adaptation Wish List

So...this was actually a tag on booktube, but it got me thinking and seemed like fun so I decided to do a post on it (adding a few more categories myself). 

Basically, there's different categories (e.g. movie, cartoon, musical, etc) and you have to choose a book you'd like to see adapted into that format. If you feel like making a post, link in the comments so I can check it out? I'd love to see other peoples choices. 

I did attempt to stick to just three picks for each one, but that - yeah that didn't happen. 


A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini - Done right, this one could be such a beautiful movie. It'd need incredible, authentic actors to get it right (i.e. not whitewashed, as Hollywood tends to do). His other book, The Kite Runner, was made into a movie and it was heartbreaking and lovely, but I think this would be even better. I think a movie actually was in the works but I don't know if anything has come of it.

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta - could go really wrong. But I think Melina wrote a script for it and her writing is fantastic (and she is good at script writing as well as novels -- her episodes of the show Dance Academy were some of my favourites of the series, before I even knew she was the one that wrote them). Again, movie was in the works but who knows if it'll ever come to fruition. 

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein - This one. I so desperately want this one to be a movie, it'd be so fantastic with the right cast. I hope if it ever does happen they cast someone who is actually Scottish for Julie though -- not many actors can quite pull off our accents.

Stolen by Lucy Christopher - I need a movie adaptation of this one so badly. It's one of those books that, while you're reading, the descriptions of the scenery just make it so easy to picture it as if it were a movie. I think this one was actually in the process of being made (they even cast the dude who was Jason in True Blood, I think?) but then it stalled.

And: Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira, Looking for Alaska by John Green, and Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell - all of these ones could potentially be great with all the right people involved (and the right soundtracks -- especially for LLttD and E&P), but they could also go wrong quite easily. I'd still like to see Hollywood attempt adaptations for them though.

Remake (i.e. one that already has a movie but should be redone):

Ella Enchanted - I love this movie. But...I loved the book too and aside from the basic premise, the two have little in common. The movie went in a more fun, whimsical, lighthearted direction while the book was more serious. I'd quite like to see the story attempted staying more faithful to the tone and plot of the book.

Blood and Chocolate - I liked this movie, it was entertaining enough but like with Ella Enchanted, it had little to do with the book. Even less so than Ella Enchanted actually. Literally all it had in common was character names and the fact that werewolves exist. They changed pretty much everything, even the ending. And in the process, they wrecked was made the story unique and turned it into another generic paranormal romance story. They also trashed one of the most interesting characters and relationships in the book. So yeah...I'd love a remake, done right this time, actually following the plot of the book.

Like Water For Chocolate - I did really like this movie and as far as adaptations go, it's quite good. But it also feels very low budget and dated. I'd love an adaptation made now, just to see what the movie could be with better effects and equipment and a slightly higher budget.

Honourable mentions - Twilight...mostly because I'd like to see the first movie done 1) with a better director (I like Catherine's style of direction in gritty dramas, not so much in paranormal romance), 2) a better lead actress (I like Kristen more in the later movies, but in the first, 3) a better budget and script.

Also: The Lying Game and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. I don't so much wish for them to be remade but I think the shows got cancelled way too quickly and weren't given much of a chance so I'd like them continued. And they were cancelled on cliffhangers (I really loathe studios that do that -- cliffhanger endings should not be allowed if a series is at risk of cancellation). Or Meg Cabots Missing (which also feels quite dated so a remake would be good).

TV Show:

Throne of Glass - I think this one actually IS being made into a TV series and it could be so fantastic if it's done right (by right, I mean if it leans more in a Game of Thrones direction than Shannara Chronicles/Mortal Instruments).

Jennifer Lynn Barnes Natural's series - I'd love this as a TV show and the premise really lends itself to that format. It's about a group of teenagers who have an exceptional aptitude for certain skills that the FBI find useful (lying/detecting lies, profiling, reading peoples emotions, etc). The books have a good cast of characters that would translate well to screen, plots that would work as season arc's and the premise could easily be adapted to have them working on individual cases for episode arcs. 

Or, if not that series, then The Body Finder series by Kimberley Derting - for all of the same reasons. Only this one is about a girl who can sense dead bodies and then the FBI gets involved and there's serial killers and all that... So, again, it would work well as a show.

The Good Girls by Sara Shepard - It has a lot in common with PLL and since that show is wrapping up, this would be a good one to adapt to take its place. Like PLL, it revolves around a group of girls and the web of lies and murder they get caught up in. I liked the characters in this one a lot, and the friendships. 

Mini series:

Illuninae - I'd like to see this one as a Firefly-ish mini-series. I don't think I'd like it condensed too much to fit into a movie or drawn out to make it into a full TV show. Maybe 4-6 episodes.

The Lumatere Chronicles - I'd love this so much as a mini-series. There's too much to fit into a movie while doing justice to the story and characters. Mini-series would also mean they'd be less likely to pull annoying cliff hangers like they do with TV shows.

The Bronze Horseman - This one is actually in the works to become a movie, I think, but they're going to have to cut so much to fit it all in. The book is pretty big, and it's historical fiction so there's a lot of interesting stuff they could fit in about the war and the siege of Leningrad in a mini-series, whereas the movie will probably focus more on the romance because of time restraints.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell - I'm not really much of a fan of cartoons. This is literally the only book I could think of that I'd like to see as a cartoon. Maybe because it's kind of cheesy and that would work well in a cartoon but would seem pretty bad in a movie or something. Plus, they wouldn't have to worry about the special effects if it was animated.

Graphic Novel/Comic:

The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender - I want a graphic novel adaptation of this one so bad. If they got the right artist (in my head, the people would be drawn realistically but it would have a whimsical quality, like the book does, and would be in pastel-y watercolours). 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor - Same as's one of those stories with such unusual characters and imagery in the book that it'd be nice to see those drawn out. (I picture this one with a bolder style -- mostly pale/monochrome with pops of the bright colours, like the blue for Karou's hair.)

Nevermore by Kelly Creagh - Again, so many bizarre characters and settings in this so it would work so well as a graphic novel. I'd love seeing it in a darker style, like The Crow, with reds and purples being the only colours.


Code Name Verity - I've already mentioned this one on the list and I don't know why, but I think could probably be adapted into a pretty good musical (imagining That Scene near the end as a duet between Julie and Maddie? Glkjdkbjfv!).

Carry On - Again, already mentioned, but it could be a good play (with musical elements). Kind of in the vein of Cursed Child. 

Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins - This could make an interesting musical. More lighthearted than a Code Name Verity one would be, lots of bright colours and upbeat songs and mixes of musical genres and...I dunno, I could totally see it working as a musical. 

Pretty Little Liars - Musical. Not the entire series, obviously, just the first A plot arc, cutting out all the extra story lines they used to drag out the series and the show. Kind of Heathers-ish. Could be really fun. 

And...that's all I've got. I love books being adapted into other forms so much, and sure sometimes they get it really wrong but it's still an interesting process and it's worth it when they get it right. 

Again, let me know if you do your own posts so I can check them out! :)


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