Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Top Ten Things On my Bookish NOPE List

The topic for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday was "top ten things that will make me instantly not want to read a book"/bookish turn offs. And to be honest, I'm not sure if I even have ten (I'm not a fussy reader) but we'll see.

With most of these, you can't always tell from the summary if a book is guilty of these things BUT I get most of my recommendations from friends or other readers whose judgements I trust, so the issues are usually highlighted before I even pick up the book. And with some of these, there will be exceptions.

1. If the author is an horrible online

I'm one of those people that finds it very hard to separate the artist from their creation. If I think negatively of the creator, it will cast a shadow over their work. Plus, I just don't want to support people that are awful. There aren't many authors who make this list, and someone has to be really awful to even make the list but yeah... If an author says something really shitty online and doesn't care that they hurt people, or if they're arrogant and rude to their fans -- nope. Nope nope nope. Don't want their book.

2. If the book is harmful/offensive (and not own voices)

Now, I'm not just talking mildly offensive like those ridiculous people who try to get books banned for containing a sex scene or curse word. I mean if it has a racist premise, or it revolves around an anti-LGBTQIA+ stereotype (e.g. bisexuals are cheaters, lesbians will turn straight for the right guy, etc.) or contains a harmful trope (e.g. Bury Your Gays/Dead Lesbians, or portraying mentally ill people as dangerous) or it's just generally really hurtful (e.g. WW2 stories that have Jewish people falling in love with Nazis, or black people in historical novels falling in love with slave owners).

3. Alternating POV's

This is one of the ones that definitely has exceptions. If the book sounds absolutely fantastic, if I've only seen glowing reviews, if it's by an author whose books I generally love -- then I'd make an exception. But in general, I bloody hate alternating POV's so much and there's been many, many books I've decided not to read for no other reason than I didn't want to deal with multiple POV's.

4. Boring books

If someone I trust, or multiple reviews, accuse a book of being boring, I'm very unlikely to pick it up. In general, I'm not a fussy reader and there is a lot I can forgive while reading...but being bored while reading is not one of those things. I can read books that anger me, books that upset me, and maybe I'll be furious and rant about them and toss them across the room when I'm done but I can still get through them, the same can't be said for boring books.

5. Bad writing

I can tolerate mediocre writing. I can overlook annoying stylistic choices. I can't read a book if the writing is really bad, it could have the most amazing story line but I find it really difficult to see past bad writing.

6. Insta-love

This one didn't always turn me completely off a book, but it does now. There was such a flood of insta-love books back in the height of Twilight's popularity that I just - can't. I want complex romances, I want slow burning ones, I want romances built from strong friendships...basically, I want well developed romances rather than the lazy love/obsession-at-first-sight stuff these days.

7. Insensitive Plot Devices

By this I mean subjects that should be written with care and consideration for the actual people who have experienced it, being written insensitively. Like rape being used as a plot device to give the female character a tragic back story, or as a way for the male love interest to "save" her. Or suicide being used as a shocking plot twist. Or mental illness being used to make the character "quirky" or interesting (like a manic pixie dreamgirl/boy). Basically, if it's sensitive subject matter and the author thinks of a content warning as a "spoiler" then they're writing it as if it's just a plot twist they can use for shock value, rather than something they intended to write respectfully...and if I know the book is written that way before reading it, I probably won't ever pick it up.

8. More than a trilogy

If, going into a series, I know it's going to be more than a trilogy then I probably won't bother. For an author I really love, I might make an exception. But with one book being released a year (usually) who wants to spend more than three years on the same series? I've seen series dragged out for more than a decade which is just ridiculous. I have the attention span of a flea at times, and I'm expected to stay invested in the same world and characters for almost/more than a decade? Sorry, but no.

9. Cliffhanger endings

If someone tells me before I read a book that it ends on a cliffhanger, I'm way less likely to read it. Cliffhangers are annoying and I hate when authors use them, even authors I like (and with them, I only tolerate them if it feels like the story arc of that book has been wrapped up and there's not too many loose ends).

10. Books set in Scotland

To clarify, I will read books set in Scotland if the author is Scottish or if they've lived here for a really long time. But authors who aren't Scottish write my country and my people so terribly most of the time (particularly in fantasy)...and don't even get me started on when they try to write our accents phonetically. Just - no. So much no.

Oh, hey, look -- I did have 10! I didn't think I had many. And I could have kept going (angel books? Not my thing. Dystopian YA? So done with that. BDSM? Nope. Riding on the coattails of Fifty Shades of Grey? FSoG was bad enough as it is...).


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