Friday, 14 July 2017

The One Hundred Nights of Hero by Isabel Greenberg

The One Hundred Nights of Hero
by Isabel Greenberg
Summary: From the author who brought you The Encyclopedia of Early Earth comes another Epic Tale of Derring-Do. Prepare to be dazzled once more by the overwhelming power of stories and see Love prevail in the face of Terrible Adversity! You will read of betrayal, loyalty, madness, bad husbands, lovers both faithful and unfaithful, wise old crones, moons who come out of the sky, musical instruments that won’t stay quiet, friends and brothers and fathers and mothers and above all, many, many sisters.

"In the beginning was the world. And it was weird."

Graphic novels are really not my kind of thing. Occasionally, I'll find one that I really like but mostly I just find them disappointing. Even when I like the story, I find myself wishing it were a novel instead because I was more story than pictures and a handful of words can deliver (which may explain why some of the graphic novels I've loved have been adaptations of novels).

But back to the point: graphic novels = not for me. And yet I still keep taking chances on them...and this one, this was one of the ones that make me glad for that because I really, really loved it.

I mean, if I'm honest, I would still adore a novelization of this story with these characters but I still loved this format of it.

The illustrations were quirky and beautiful, the world was wonderful and wonderfully weird. I loved the way real issues of our world were woven into the fantasy world Greenberg created (it was very much a feminist read, in the very best ways).

I loved that the characters of the story got under my skin way more than I expected them to. And speaking of unexpected? I was not expecting the main love story in the book to be between two woman, and I loved that. I love going into a book and finding LGBTQIA+ representation when I wasn't expecting it, and it was done beautifully in this. I wanted to read this because it was a retelling of The 1001 Nights, but if you told me it was a lesbian retelling of The 1001 Nights I'd have probably picked it up way sooner.

I'll definitely be picking up a physical copy of this one at some point for my shelves (I read the e-book...would not recommend, it was a struggle to read the text in that format) as well as checking out the first book in her Early Earth series.

I'd rate this one 5 stars out of 5.


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