Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Books I'd Mash Together

Well then, hello there. It's been a while (I seem to be saying that a lot these days), but I love the topic of this weeks Top Ten Tuesday: books you'd like to see mashed together (i.e. pick two books you think would make an epic story if combined).

It reminded me of my fanfic days and all the crossover fics I used to see. So:

1. Twilight x The Mortal Instruments

Why: mostly because it'd be funny. Can you imagine a Jace Wayland reaction to vampires that sparkle? Or Luke's pack meeting the pack from Twilight (Leah so deserved better, so I'd totally be down for her meeting a nice girl or dude from TMI and living happily ever after). A war between The Clave and The Volturi? Something tells me that would be way more interesting than everyone standing around on a field and nothing happening like in Breaking Dawn. I can see some characters getting along well, some hating each other. 

2. The Host x The Lux series

Why: because I want a sequel to The Host  because they're both stories about aliens on earth and it'd be interesting to see the aliens of The Lux series reacting to the invasion of The Host. Whether they'd fight back or be vulnerable too, would they be part of a resistance... I'd love to see the characters all meet and interact and the way the world would change if they managed to get it back.

3. Harry Potter x The Mediator series

Why: It'd be interesting. Suze visits the UK...there's a lot of new ghosts showing up all with weird stories about men in masks killing them with a flash of green light from a stick. Can you imagine her trying to cross over Moaning Myrtle or Nearly Headless Nick? Or finding out the reason she can see ghosts is because she's a witch/squib?

4. The Iliad x The Lumatere Chronicles

Why: This one is cheating a bit...because it's not so much a crossover I'd like, as it is a retelling of The Iliad done by Melina Marchetta in the style of her Lumatere Chronicles series. I would love to see how she'd write the female characters in particular, especially Briseis, Helen and Andromache.

5. On The Other Side x Code Name Verity

Why: On one hand we have a whimsical story about the afterlife, on the other there's a WW2 story that destroyed my soul. I think a certain character from Code Name Verity thrown into the On the Other Side World (written in Elizabeth's style, because it'd feel more fitting) would be really interesting. In this one, I wouldn't so much like the characters to meet (maybe cameos?), more just seeing the characters from one exist in the world of the other. 

6. Ten x There's Someone Inside Your House

Why: Both of these are YA murder-y/slasher stories. There were elements I loved about both books but neither were perfect, and I feel like a mash-up would fix the issues. Ten was better at the thriller murder aspect, while TSIYH had more memorable characters...so if I could get a sequel, with a mix of the characters but a slasher plot more along the lines of how Ten did it, it'd be excellent.

7. Ruby Red x Pride and Prejudice

Why: Ruby Red is a story about time travel. I just think it'd be interesting and hilarious to see the Pride and Prejudice characters react to these teenagers from the future landing in the middle of a ball or something (would remind me a little of the mini-series, Lost in Austen).

8. Tomorrow When the War Began x Jellicoe Road

Why: I love both of these books. Jellicoe Road is contemporary fiction, Tomorrow is an invasion story. Both are set in Australia and I think it would be quite an interesting story if we saw how the Jellicoe characters handled the invasion in their part of the country (especially because a bunch of the characters are from a cadet camp). 

9. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender x When the Moon Was Ours

Why: a girl with wings meets a girl with roses who grow from her wrists. Ghosts and birds who used to be boys and magic pumpkins that turn to glass and a boy who hangs moons all over town. Two wonderful magical realism stories...I think they'd fit together beautifully. 

10. The 100 x The Illuminae Files

Why: I could just see a crossover of these two working well...both are set in space, though one is partially set on earth. It'd just be interesting for the paths to cross and for the characters to meet. 

Agree/disagree with any of them?


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