Friday, 8 February 2008

Book Secrets Submission Guidelines

Book Secrets

So this is inspired by Post Secrets, only your secrets have to be book/reading related (anything at all, so long as it’s fits that theme - it can be funny/weird/cringe-worthy, whatever).

Example of our first Book Secrets post: 

How to Submit/Rules:
(and you can submit as many as you want, the more the better)

1. You can submit a secret in text form or on an image (like the examples in the post). 

Note one: if it’s submitted as text and I have time, I might put it onto an image for you but it’d be awesome if you submitted it as an image (if you don’t have photoshop/don’t like paint, you could use this:

Note two: if you’re submitting your secret on an image, please don’t steal other peoples art. Use stock images/book covers/your own pictures/drawings/TV or movie stills etc. Hell, you can even just make the picture on paint (coloured background and handwrite the secret on paint/whatever). I notice a lot of art stealing happens in the recreate a cover contests and it’s annoying. Just make sure you're using images that it's okay for you to use.

Note three: if you use stock images and need to give credit, then put the links in the email and I’ll include them in the post.

2. When you submit a secret, if you want credit for your secret then include the name/link you want it credited to. If you don’t include that, then I’ll assume you want to submit anonymously (which is more fun anyway).

I think that’s pretty much it, email your book secrets to: (either upload it somewhere and put the link in the email or just attach the image file, I don’t mind which)



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