Friday, 6 June 2008

Contact Us

If you are an author or publisher and would like Blogger Heart Books to review your book, host a contest or are interested in arranging a guest blog or interview, just send an email to: (this email is run by Lanna, who is in the UK)

UPDATE: Julie isn't book blogging anymore, but she does still write for YA Interrobang as well as running the Quiet YA tumblr and the #quietYA stuff on Twitter so if you'd like to contact her about any of those you can reach her here: (to specifically contact Julie, who is in the US)

You can view our review policy here.

If you want to contact both/one of us then feel free to use the above email addresses too, or you can contact us via Twitter or Tumblr or Goodreads (links in the sidebar, under the "follow us elsewhere"), even if you just want to chat about books or ask a blog related question.


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