Thursday, 16 October 2008

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie


Just a warning, towards the end there will be some spoilers, so don't read there if you haven't read it. I'll warn you when there's about to be spoilers, though.


Some Information On The Book:

Title: And Then There Were None. (It was also published as Ten Little Indians, though)
Author: Agatha Christie.
Basically the summary would be:

Ten different people get notified that they've been invited to Soldier Island, by an unreliable source. Once they get there, one by one they all drop like flies...

Genre: Murder-Mystery.

I recommend the book. The first chapter is kind of hard to get through, but I loved the rest of it. :D


What I loved most about the book was the poem, and I would post it here, but I don't own the book. :( Anyways, I loved how the poem and the little soldier statues tangled into each other. How each person was killed accordingly, depending on how many were left and by what happened in the poem. And as each person died, one statue would dissapear.

A lot of people who read the book think it's Vera Claythorne who is the homicidal killer, because she wasn't murdered, she commited suicide, and then she was the last one to die.

But, the fact is, that a person would have had to hung the tied loose and placed the chair in her room.

My favorite character was Vera Claythorne, because I related to her the most.

Agatha Christie is famous for writing murder-mysteries, and this is the first of her collection that I've read.

I'm an avid reader, so you can beat I'll be posting book reviews a LOT.

[I'm currectly reading the Maximum Ride series, I'm on book three. :D]

Until next [book] review,

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  1. Gah, the comment I just wrote got deleted and it's 5am so I can't be bothered rewriting it all...

    But to sum up - I said I haven't read any Agatha Christie stuff yet but that sounds interesting so I'll start with that if I do.

    And I have the Maximum Ride books but haven't read them yet and I'm glad you'll be posting lots so I won't be the only one. :)


    and i also love the maximum ride books.

    yu legend.

  3. I had to read that book for school last year. It was pretty cool.



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