Friday, 13 March 2009

Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell

Title: Everything Beautiful
Author: Simmone Howell
Summary: Riley Rose, atheist and bad girl, has been tricked into attending Spirit Ranch, a Christian camp. There she meets Dylan Kier, alumni camper and recent paraplegic, who arrives with a chip on his shoulder and a determination to perfect all of his bad habits. United in their personal suffering and in their irritation at their fellow campers, they turn the camp inside out as they question the meaning of belief systems, test their faith in each other, and ultimately settle a debate of the heart.

Okay, so I actually won this book a while ago (and it's signed "Dear Alanna, I wish you everything beautiful" which I think is an awesome way to sign a book, it made me smile) but I sort of avoided reading it for a while because I was worried the whole religion aspect of it would get to me (that, and my to read pile is huge) -- I don't like preachy books, especially because I'm agnostic.

This book wasn't like that at all though, the main character seems to be agnostic too, and even though religion played a part in the book and was mentioned quite a bit it didn't feel like someone was forcing their beliefs down my throat and the book was actually really good and really funny and sad at the same time. Riley is actually kind of a bad girl, and seems to march to the beat of her own drum, which is awesome and I like that she sort of accepts who she is and sometimes it'll bother her but she doesn't go to extremes to try and change just so she will fit in with everyone elses idea of who she should be.

I really loved most of the characters too, Dylan especially, he was awesome but even the other minor characters were great too. I was actually really sad when the book finished because I really wanted to know what would happen next, particularly with Riley and Dylan.

To sum up: It's really good, you should read it.



  1. Wow! I won a copy of this book too (and Simmone signed it the same...). Love your review.


  2. hello! and thanks for a lovely review. argh the curse of signing - what to write?? ... you would be amazed at how the mind goes blank when faced with a title page and a sharpie pen!! For the next book I will write you some weirdass inscription! But glad it made you smile. Keep reading and blogging.

  3. You're welcome, and I think that was an awesome way to sign it. :]



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