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The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot

Title: The Mediator
Author: Meg Cabot
Summary: Suze Simon is starting a new life. She has just joined the rest of her family in Carmel, California. The rest of her family consists of her mother, a new step-dad and three new step-brothers. This would be hard enough if it wasn't for the fact that Suze sees dead people.

Suze is a mediator. That means she is able to see and interact with ghosts. These are people with some unfinished business. As a mediator she is to help them cross over. She came upon this talent at the age of two and has had a hard time dealing with it. Her personal record has been far from spotless as she tries to be a mediator and not look insane to the rest of the world.

Now in her new home with her new family, Suze has new challenges. One is a 150-year-old ghost named Jessie that lives in her bedroom. The other is a new ghost at her new school. This one is very angry and bent on destruction and mayhem. Suze must protect the lives of others, the lives of herself and her family, and try not to look completely crazy in her first days at school. But Suze manages to get some help from two unexpected sources.

Okay, so there are six books in the series but I figured I'd read them all and review the series as a whole instead of just one book at a time, the summary above is just for the first book.

Anyway, I really liked it, Suzannah a.k.a. Suze, is awesome... her thoughts are really funny and I really like that she makes mistakes and isn't a total Mary Sue unlike, say, Bella from the Twilight series. Plus, she's really tough, she stands up for what she believes in and kicks serious ass and she's really funny too.

Why am I even mentioning the Twilight series? Well! It kind of reminded me of Twilight in some ways (I know the Mediator series was out before Twilight) -- the good ways, not the annoying ones -- like with Jesse being all old fashioned and cute and protective of her and there not seeming to be any way for their relationship to work because he won't age while she will (although they do have more issues than that) and some of the things Jesse says really remind me of Edward. Only Jesse is way more adorable, and seriously, when he calls her "Querida" (Spanish for something like "dearest one" or "sweetheart" I think) that's just... insert happy sigh here.

I even liked the character Paul, who doesn't show up until later books, he's the sort of bad guy but not completely... even though he is kind of delusional, it's hard to completely hate him (but maybe that's just because the guy I pictured as Paul was sort of gorgeous -- I pictured him and him).

Sorry, this review isn't very good -- turns out reviewing a series as a whole instead of just book by book isn't so easy because there's so much to say, but basically, I really liked it and I really liked the way it ended as well and if you haven't already, then you should read it. :]

Just for fun, here's one of the fan made trailers for it I found on youtube (there's a lot of them):


P.s. Oh, and I made a shelfari group for this blog (link in the sidebar), mostly so I could make a shelf for all the books we've reviewed, if you have a shelfari you should join, I sent invites to all of you that are on my friends on shelfari I think. Join if you read this blog too (well, if you want to) :]


  1. gosh its true! Jesse also reminds me of Edward! *sigh* both of them are adorable!

  2. totally correct!
    i don't know why these authors make so perfect, adorable and irresistible fictional characters!
    my heart just breaks, when i come to the reality, that actually they aren't real!

  3. The only thing is that this book was published before twilight. So if anything, twilight was copied off of this. Also, Jesse is human (well he is a ghost but still, not a vampire.) They do have some simular qualities but if anything, edward was coppied off of jesse...

    PLUS Jesse is WAY better than Edward! I now am in love with Jesse, so yeah. lol.

  4. Oh, I'm well aware of the fact that The Mediator series was published first - that's what I meant, Twilight kind of echoed things from the Mediator series (among other things, like the TV show Roswell and all that too).

    The Mediator series > The Twilight series
    Jesse > Edward
    Hell, even a spoon > Edward. =P

  5. haha yeah. Well at least Jesse doesn't stalk as bad as Edward does.. he only stalks because he has nothing better to do then sit in her bedroom..... lol and at least he leaves her alone when she sleeps most times!

  6. have to make a movie of The Mediator

  7. I actually wish they'd make it into a TV show, I think it'd be better - kind of like Ghost Whisperer for a younger audience with romance as a bigger aspect and the main character being more bad ass. Movies condense and cut out too much for it to do the books justice.

  8. Crap! Jesse is soo damned dreamy! i soo like him just the way he was..

  9. christine ramirez16 November 2010 at 09:17

    hey i just finished reading it and i think it's so much better than twilight. we have the same idea that Jesse reminds me of Edward. but anyway, the mediator, in my opinion, is so much better than twilight saga. right? well anyway, at least we agree on the same opinion. that i liked the whole book and the ending. i think i'm kinda getting obsessed with it too. anyway, for all the readers who loves a good read, i would highly recommend the mediator! love it so much. i wish jesse was real. :)

  10. christine ramirez16 November 2010 at 09:23

    i really hope they would make a movie or tv show or something about the mediator. it's just so great to keep a story like this to ourselves. i mean, i just want people to see that there's a better book than twilight. plus the mediator was published first. anyway, jesse is so much better than edward. didn't i say that already? :))



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