Monday, 13 April 2009

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

Realised I haven't written any reviews for a while, so I'm cheating - here's one from a few years ago about my old favourite book.

Stargirl arrives at Mica Area High School and is the talk of the town. Everyone admires her quirks; everyone wants to be like her. The pet shop runs out of rats, girls start dancing in the rain and above all, everyone wants her to appear on Leo and Kevin’s cable show, “Hot Seat”. After endless quibbling, Kevin and Leo arrange for Stargirl to appear on their show. Everything goes to plan, Stargirl shining and keeping everyone hooked. Then, the jury, (students from Mica) interfere and questions get out of hand. All of a sudden, Stargirl is shunned for everything that seemed to make her unique before and others’ hate tests the strength of Stargirl and Leo’s new found love.

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli is a thoughtfully written book, a celebration of being unique. Not only does Jerry Spinelli show others’ point of view, but also Stargirl’s and how she reacts to being treated in this way. The book goes through various stages. There’s happiness; sadness and excitement, all wrapped into this amazing book with a bright pink cover.

Stargirl as a character was very mysterious, and it was her ways that kept me hooked. couldn’t put the book down. As a reader, I felt sorry for Leo, as his love for Stargirl was obvious, but in answer to the question asked in the book (“Who’s affection would you rather, hers or theirs?”) the students shunning Leo and Stargirl was too much for Leo; he chooses between the students and Stargirl.

Although I feel that the book was very slow-moving, after Chapter 12, you get a rush of feelings, the anger of the students, Leo’s helplessness and Stargirl’s amazement all rolled into a few chapters, but these feelings are portrayed during the rest of the book. In my opinion; it is this writing that truly makes the book something out of the ordinary.

The book as a whole was amazing and after reading it, you’ll see how it’s truly unforgettable.

And, there you go. My rather poncy review. I'll stick by what I said - it's a damn good read.

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  1. I just read that - I loved it, but it's weird, I don't love it in the same way I love my favourite books like Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns and Jellicoe Road etc. it's just... different.

    One of the parts I really loved about it was Stargirls "card game" because that's almost like my waiting room game (only without the stalking, I just watch, I don't stalk haha). :]

    I want to read the sequel now.



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