Sunday, 7 June 2009

Privilege by Kate Brian

So it's been a while since I've actually written a review. I'll be doing that from now on until I get BlogTV and youtube to hook up.

Alright, so.

Title: Privilege
Author: Kate Brian Summary: Ariana Osgood ruled exclusive Easton Academy -- until she was arrested for murdering Thomas Pearson. She's spent the past two years at the Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional Facility for Women plotting her escape and is determined to get a second chance at the glamorous life she left behind. And Ariana will do anything to get her way....
Book Number: In the series; 1.
Book Number: In the 50 book challenge; 40.

(Spoilers are in black.)

Before i read this, I was excited for it. When I read Confessions, I feel in love with what Ariana is. So twisted. Always trying to improve. But always going back to the dark habits.

The book was really well-written, but that's no surprise with Kate Brian.

I loved the twists and turns. I loved how Ariana escaped (which isn't really a spoiler, because if she had just stayed at the facility Kate probably wouldn't have bothered writing it) and how it was all so thought out, and the pieces made the puzzle.

I also adored that you never knew who killed Briana Leigh Covington's father until Kaitlynn had been let out. And for once, Ariana's being hunted.

The irony of the two makeovers was awesome, too. You'll know what I mean if you read it. And you should. It's amazing.

Five stars all the way, two thumbs up; awesome read. So go read it!



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