Monday, 24 August 2009

Old Skool Favourites (1): The Lifeguard

I was discussing possible memes we could do on the blog, with Mari, to get us posting more often, and this was one of the ones we thought would be fun.

I'm not sure if any other bloggers have started a meme like this or not, but the general idea is to review a books that you used to love when you were younger, you know the ones, the ones that made you fall in love with reading.

If you all like this, I'll do some more posts like this because there's quite a lot of books I could review for this -- let me know in the comments if you want me to continue with this meme and feel free to tell me in the comments or on your own blog what some of your old skool favourite books are. :]

Now, onto the review. The book I chose was:

Title: The Lifeguard
Author: Richie Tankerlsey Cusick
Summary: Kelsey's summer should have been paradise - a holiday on Beverly Island, complete with sun-drenched beaches and gorgeous lifeguards. But Kelsey's dream holiday quickly turns into a nightmare. It starts with the note from a girl who's missing. And there have been a number of suspicious drownings.
Released in 1991

When I was younger, I absolutely adored Point Horror books and I still have a cringe-worthy amount of them on my book shelves (well, it would be cringe-worthy if I was ashamed to admit my love for them, but, alas, I'm not) and The Lifeguard is definitely one of my favourites out of them all.

It's one of those books that I've reread multiple times, I'll reread my favourite Point Horror books every couple of years because I've forgotten a lot of what happens in them but I can still remember loving them. With this one, each time I reread it, I'm still surprised by some of the twists in the story.

The main character, Kelsey is really awesome, you feel fear when she does and you latch onto her and get dragged along on her emotional roller coaster with her throughout the story.

Something else I loved about this book was the ending, I obviously can't tell you what it is because that would spoil it, but it surprised me which doesn't happen really often with me, I have a habit of guessing how books like this are going to end, who the bad guy is going to be and all of that and usually I'm quite accurate but I wasn't even close with this (granted, I was a kid when I first read it, but still.)

I really like the way Richie writes, all of the characters, even the minor ones seem very real and although it's been a while since I've reread it (a fact I kind of want to change after writing this review), I remember that the way she described the story, it just made it so easy to picture everything -- the setting and characters were really clear in my mind and I love it when that happens.

I should wrap this up and stop gushing now, but I recommend to anyone that likes thriller type stories... because of the age range the book is for, there isn't any heavy romance or anything in the story, but there are hints of it in the story and it's just really sweet -- I first read this when I was about 12 and I still love it now, 8 years later. Books like this one are the ones that made me realise that reading was fun.


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  1. God, this would be hard for me. My mom read to me every night until she got pregnant with my brother when I was 9! Even if it was the two of us sitting on the couch, reading a Harry Potter aloud while I read ahead, it's what we did. Then had to spend a summer babysitting, about two years ago, and chose to read the entire day while I did. I read stuff like The Clique and Twilight and then found REAL books from that and haven't stopped since.



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