Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Old Skool Favourites (2): Junie B. Jones

Title: Junie B. Jones
Author: Barbara Park

(This is like a series review, btw.)

I really love this meme, mostly because we get to review the books that first got us into reading.

Do you guys remember (or have heard of) Junie B.? I've read almost every book.

When I first started reading, my mom introduced me to this series. At first I liked them because they were simple: short, easy to read, simple diction and easy vocabulary. But then I got into the story itself. I loved Junie B.'s (never forget that B.!) erratic and eccentric nature, hated May because she was portrayed as the annoying popular kid, even if the books were centered around a younger age group, and I hated Lucille(?)'s snobby tendencies. I laughed with the jokes and got sad when Junie B. had a fight with her friends.

Then, I really liked them because I could relate with Junie. I loved every book about her that I could get my hands on. Now, I can appreciate the cleverness of the writing. When I was little, I thought these books were hilarious. I used to sit and read them in school and at home and be giggling my little ass off.

The antics Junie B. got into were the fun things I wished I could do but was too scared too. I sort of lived through her adventures. I never thought like her, but the things she thought or said always amused me, and they still do.

Now that I'm older I've outgrown these books and moved on. But I still have a seperate box in the storage room for one of the stories that first got me into reading.

Sorry this is a bit short and sort of crappy, I can't remember much of Junie B. and I'm due to babysit.

Did you ever read Junie B.? What are some of the books that framed your childhood?


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