Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Old Skool Favourites (3): The Babysitters Club by Ann M. Martin

(Number 8, Boy Crazy Stacy, is my favourite.)

I haven't read all of the 131 books - not including the specials, etc. This series made me absolutely love reading. I got a huge box of the books for Christmas one year. If I have an urge, I'll pick up one of the books and read it, taking my walk down memory lane.

The entire series would take forever and a day to review, so this is the overall review.

Title: The Babysitters Club
Author: Ann M. Martin

This series is pretty amazing. They're like mini-Nancy Drew's, except they baby-sit too. Eventually there are more members added to the club, which makes it even better.

The situations they get themselves into (they're only 13-14 years old) can sometimes make your heart race. Some of the situations are freaky, and some you might want to roll your eyes and scream, "Don't act childish!" or something.

I absolutely love Claudia. She has her own fashion sense, she's pretty, she's kind, and she can take charge when she needs too. I'd definitely hire her to baby-sit my future kids if she existed!

Boy Crazy Stacy was my favourite (still is too.) It made me laugh and roll my eyes. It's funny and romantic all at once.

These books made me love reading. They honestly did. If I had every single book in the series, I'd probably re-read them over and over again. :)



  1. I must have read The Babysitter's Club Goes on a Cruise or All Aboard or whatever it was called about three dozen times. I loved it. I will always have fond memories of this series. Even if I can't remember the exact name of the book...:)

  2. These books are awesome i want to get these books. and i want to get a huge knowledge about the babysitter.



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