Monday, 21 December 2009

Page Turner Mini-Contest - Lanna

So, Julie and Melody entered this contest at the Page Turners blog and it looked like fun, so I thought I'd try too.

Click on the link for details - but the basic idea is that you use 2 different generator sites, one to get your author name, one for the book title then you use the title to find a picture for the cover.

I'm not sure if I did this right but I just did this for fun anyway, so it doesn't matter (the first word I actually got was "realize", so that should've been my title but there were no image results for that so I went with the second one I got) and my firefox seems to hate flickrcc today and some of the pictures weren't loading, I couldn't get one of a person, but anyway...

Heres the cover:

And a random summary I made up (it will suck, I fail with flying colours at writing summaries at the best of times but I'm much worse at making them up on the spot when it's not based on an actual story/story idea):
It started with a lie, it's that simple.

Cursed by an old gypsy as punishment for her dishonesty, Erica Davis is no longer able to tell the truth... whether she wants to or not. But what happens when her lies threaten to destroy everything that matters to her and the truth is the only thing that will save the life of a person she loves?

Tangled in her web of lies, Erica must find a way to break the curse before it's too late.

I guess that's all.


P.s. Oh, I forgot to mention - the author name that the generator gave me made me laugh. My real first name is Alanna and I use two pennames; Lanna Williams and Alanna James... so the whole Amalia J. Williams thing - yeah, probably not interesting to anyone but me, but I liked how similar it was to my actual pennames. :]


  1. You did great. I love the cover image.

  2. Ohh, nice summary! And I love the cover. Good luck! :)

  3. This is a really pretty cover! And that's funny about the author name. :)



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