Sunday, 13 December 2009


[Please read this post, I know it's not a review or anything, but we will be asking for your opinions/input on what is mentioned]

In case it hasn't been obvious, we're trying to be a little more active on the blog - with NaNoWriMo and school and other things, we kind of let it become a ghost town around here. Me and Julie are working on changing that.

The blog now has it's own email:

If you're a publisher or author interested in contacting us about reviewing books or hosting contests or anything at all, just send us an email.

Julie has made us a Twitter:

Feel free to contact us or follow us on there.

Upcoming changes/new features for 2010:

+More reviews. The reason I've not been reviewing much lately is just because I've not been reading much, but I'm hoping to change that very soon and when I do, expect more reviews. Also there should be some from the other blog authors too.

+On Saturdays, Julie is going to be doing a post recommending Historical Fiction books (she's already posted her first HF rec, so go check it out).

+Old Skool Favourites - I started this a while ago and then kind of forgot about it, but it might be making a comeback. If you missed it when it first showed up on the blog, the basic idea is that one of us will review a book that we used to love when we were younger, one of the ones that made us fall in love with reading.

+Book to Movie Fridays - I'm sure other blogs probably have posts like this too, but I planned on starting this one a while ago. It's pretty self explanitory: on Fridays I (or one of the other bloggers) will review a book that has been made into a movie or will be made into a movie (and if we've seen the movie, we'll throw in a review of that too).

+In My Mailbox - Again, we've already started this but we'll be joining in with this meme (started by The Story Siren).

+Waiting on Wednesday - Another meme we've already started joining (started by Jill at Breaking the Spine?).

+Theme Thursdays - This is a new one we may be starting. Basically it will work by us choosing a theme at the start of the week, then on Thursday one of us will either review a book that fits the theme, or find one that fits the theme that we would like to read - just posting about a book that fits the theme basically. As for how the theme is chosen, just contact us on Twitter or email us with suggestions for themes and we'll choose from them (or come up with our own).

+Music Mondays - This one is still just a maybe... it would just be a music themed post on Mondays (obviously), whether it be a music recommendation, band/artist/album review, making a playlist for a book, posting about a book where music is a major theme. Does that sound appealing to anyone at all?

+Contests - I will definitely be hosting more contests at some point. I plan to hold one when we reach 200 followers, so... follow/get people to follow! :]

+Author Interviews - We would love to post interviews with authors, of course it all depends on whether we can find authors willing to do it or authors contacting us about it but it's one thing we'd like to have on the blog.

There will be weeks where we'll have to miss out certain memes (like In My Mailbox, if we haven't gotten any books that week), but we'll try and make them weekly, or at the very least monthly/fortnightly posts.

Now, for YOUR input - seeing as you're the readers, what would you like to see us post on here? What do you think of the things I've mentioned in this post, is it a yay or a nay? Are there any other book blog memes that you know of that you'd like to see us join? Would you like us to sometimes review/recommend other things (like once a month TV show/movie reviews or recs)?

Let us know (in the comments/on Twitter/in an email).

When I have another contest, how would you like it to be done? The past two contests I've done, I just did my usual "Pick Your Poison" contests where I give a list of books that the winner gets to choose from, would you like me to stick to that? Or do you have any other ideas (about the prizes or how the winner should be chosen)? Again, just let us know.



  1. Wow you guys certainly sound organised, chaos rules at my blog, it is hard to keep things up to date, life is busy and blogging takes time.
    Really like the idea of old skool favourites, always nice to read about what ignited someone's passion for reading, and music Mondays sounds like a great idea.
    I just wandered over from book blogs, saw Julie's lovely red panda avatar and had to come check out your blog. Happy blogging.

  2. Me too on the reviewing front; I haven't read a book in forever and once Christmas is over I'll try my best to review more! Great ideas, btw!

  3. Oh my Red Panda. He does me many wonders.

    This is...some kind of organized chaos. Ally/Lanna and I've been talking everyday trading links and idea and potential things to do/people to talk to. We just hope it works.s.



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