Thursday, 3 December 2009

Wishlist Wednesday (1)

I found this little meme on B.A.M. Book Reviews and thought it would be cool.

Anybody that knows me knows me will also know that my book wish list is...monstrous at best. Approximately 70 books at any given time. I just got 4 books in the mail today, but I also added two or three books to my list since I played the order for them.

Insane right?

But, now I can put my obsession/insanity to good use.

The Musician's Daughter
by Susanne Dunlap

After Theresa's father is murdered on Christmas Eve, his body is discovered in a Gypsy camp, his precious violin missing. Her mother is with child and not well, so it is up to Theresa to make funeral arrangements and to figure out how their family will survive without Papa's income. Theresa has had an unusual upbringing for a young woman in 18th-century Vienna: she has been taught to play the viola. Even so, it is unlikely that anyone would hire a 15-year-old girl, so she seeks the help of her father's friend and employer, the composer Franz Joseph Hayden. He reveals a secret to her: he is going blind and needs her assistance putting his compositions to paper. While working for him, the teen is also intent upon solving the mystery of her father's death, and she discovers that Hayden's blindness is not the only secret Papa had been keeping. Despite a slow start and an ending that wraps things up a bit too tidily, this book is a rip-roaring adventure with music, murder, and espionage. It's clearly well researched, and the level of detail in the narrative makes readers believe that this story might have actually happened. Theresa's first-person narrative reveals her to be a quick-thinking, courageous, and likable individual. Pair this book with Philip Pullman's "Sally Lockhart" series (Knopf) for some entertaining historical mysteries with plucky heroines. --From Amazon's website.

It's got a musician and a young girl and mystery and it's historical fiction. What more can I ask for?

I'm going to leave it at just this book since blogger is being whiny and won't let me post without issues and I have another post to do. But what's on your wishlist?

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