Monday, 11 January 2010

Review Policy

UPDATE: If you've been reading the blog for a while, you'll know that for roughly the past 7 years there has been two of us blogging here at Bloggers Heart Books, but as of 2016, Julie is no longer book blogging (although if you wish to contact her about her other bookish projects you can find out how under the Contact Us tab).

Review Policy:
As this is a YA blog, we most definitely prefer YA books but will consider other category's too depending on the book (see list of review preferences below).

All reviews will be honest and we will try to review all books as close to their release date as possible. We're also willing to consider author interviews, host contests or have author guest blogs; if you're an author or publisher and would like to contact us about any of those just send us an email too.

To contact, email:

I Don't Accept:
  • I generally don't accept self published books for review (I used to but my experiences with self published books have been mostly bad). Indie publishers will be considered though.
  • I don't review dating sites either or online stories (I have gotten requests for these in the past).
  • I don't review non-fiction really (biographies/memoirs may be exceptions but it depends on the book)
  • I don't usually review picture books or middle grade.
What I do accept:

Catagory: I read YA books (preferrably older YA) or NA. I do consider adult books if the summary appeals to me and it falls into my preferred genres.

Genres: If it has romance in it, I'll probably consider it. I love romance (historical or contemporary). Contemporary and chick lit, fantasy (high fantasy or urban fantasy are fine). Paranormal/supernatural. Open to reading science fiction. I will consider dystopian (I used to love the genre, but with the post-HG flood of the genre, I got a bit sick of it). I will happily read a book without romance if it has aromantic representation.

I'm open to reading graphic novels and poetry.

Format: I tend to prefer physical copies, but I will consider e-books (Kindle format preferably).


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  1. This is a great post for new bloggers and reviewers! I just recently discovered what these mysterious "ARC's" were last month! :)



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