Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Green Bronzed Mirror by Lynne Ellison

So, a publisher in the UK had e-mailed the blog and asked us to review this book. I told him that I would and he mailed me a free copy.

Title: The Green Bronzed Mirror
Author: Lynne Ellison
Summary: Karen is playing on a beach when she finds an ancient mirror buried in the sand.  She looks into it, and is transported back in time to the Roman empire. Finding herself a slave, she faces many hair-raising adventures in her struggle to return to her own time.
Pages: 117
Rating: 2/5
Honestly, when I read the summary of this book I thought "wow, this sounds really interesting!" and I was excited waiting for it to show up in the mail. It was a pretty short book - only 117  pages - and I figured I'd finish it within an hour easily.

But, I started reading it and the beginning was just not pulling me in. It was sort of boring at first, to be honest. Then when she was in Rome and a slave and stuff it got better. I was reading it smoothly and quickly.

I thought that the writing of the book was... meh. I mean, some books I've read have amazing dialogue. This book's dialogue wasn't that great. Whenever I read books, I can almost always hear the characters speaking in my head. In this one, the character's voices were void of emotion. The dialogue was just too simple for me.

And another thing, I know some people use ' as a quotation mark, but that really annoyed the hell out of me while reading.

Also, the editing was awful. I found numerous typos, spacing issues, punctuation issues (like quotation marks, etc). This book should be given a thorough editing before selling it again. There was also a typo on the back cover in the summary! I, for one, was shocked!

The only thing that was decent was the story line itself. I think that if someone else had written it, then it would have been phenomenal. But the story was rushed, and the ending was very predictable.

Also, Karen and Kleon's relationship was very rushed. She see's the guy at a slave auction first, and then when she convinces her owner to purchase him, they hug, hold hands, kiss... that relationship was too rushed. I didn't like that at all.

I know that the author was 14 in 1966 when she wrote it, but I guess I'm just really picky. =/

Overall, I didn't much like it. It read more like the first draft of a book other than the final copy.


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  1. A very good, honest's too bad that it wasn't as exciting as you'd hoped :)



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