Sunday, 24 January 2010

Historic Saturday (4)

All day I've been reminding myself that I need to write my review for The Pale Assassin. Then about ten minutes ago I realized I need to review it for Historic Saturday. Way to fail, Julie.

The Pale Assassin
Patricia Elliott

Spoiled, beautiful, fourteen-year-old Eugenie de Boncoeur is accustomed to outrageous privilege. The French Revolution may rage around her, but Eugenie's luxurious lifestyle is only improved by visits from her brother, Armand, who is especially doting since the two were orphaned. What Eugenie doesn't know is that their guardian has promised her in marriage to the wealthy, vengeful Le Fantome, a revolutionary who is nursing a secret grudge against her family. As the Revolution becomes increasingly violent, Eugenie is shipped off to convent school. Finally, there is no place in France that is safe for her. Eugenie dusts off her lightly used brains and rises to the challenge of survival. Soon she is in the thick of turmoil and romance, confronting spies, secret agents, and double-crossing suitors in her quest to get out of France alive. Sympathies shift, and every choice can change--or end--a life.

For those who don't know, my National Novel Writing Month...novel was based in the French Revolution. To help me along with it, I read three books set in the time period (none of which I reviewed...maybe later though). From there, I discovered I LOVE the genre. So, I found this book late in November or early in December, put it on my wishlist, and bought it once I got my Christmas gift cards.

The book is just what I hoped it would be.

I loved how unexpected a lot of things were. Not EVERYTHING was a complete shock, but some things were.

The guys in this novel? Well, one is totally swoon worthy, another you kind of want to love but you also kind of want to hate, and the third you just kind of purse your lips when he shows up and hope he'll be gone soon.

Eugenie is as she's supposed to be. She starts out as the very spoiled noble she's meant to be and develops into a grown, intelligent woman. She still makes mistakes, but over all she becomes a very strong character. Her development was perfect.

Don't know a thing about the revolution? Well, lucky for you Patricia Elliott includes a character list naming all the fictional characters and all the characters that were real people before you even begin reading. At the end of the book, she also summarizes all the historical events that happen in the novel, as well as a time line, in case you want that background before jumping into the book.

The Pale Assassin is the first novel in the Pimpernelles triology. The second book, The Traitor's Smile, is coming out on May 6 and the third book, The Watching Eye, comes out on September 2. I'll be eagerly awaiting these two books!



  1. Great review! This cover caught my eye the first time I saw it, and I've been seeing it at book stores though no reviews. Yours is the first I've read. I'm glad it lived up to your expecatations, and I'll have to cehck it out sometime, thanks! :D

  2. Hmmm! Excellent review! You've made me want to read the book now. :)

  3. That could be interesting

  4. Oh, this books looks great! Thanks for the review :)



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