Friday, 8 January 2010


What is regular Bloggiesta?

This is Bloggiesta.

What is Mini-Bloggiesta then?

Well, I'm usually pretty busy on weekends running errands and general family time and what not. But last night I officially finished watching The Tudors (or what's available now anyway) so I'll have to fill up my time with something new. As I have a few things I want to do here, what better way to do it?

So...what are you doing?


  1. Historic Saturday: I finished the book a few hours ago and Saturdays tend to be busier than Sundays, so why not get it done now? DONE
  2. IMM: I alone got nearly 10 books. And these posts usually take me a long time because I have to get the summary, the book's cover, and get the right formatting for myself. DONE
  3. Post my TBR/Wishlist: I'm gonna separate this post into two parts. One will be the books I have, the others will be on my wish list, with possibly a third of books I have and started but really can't finish. I really wanna see comments from you guys on this once I, you know, post it. Probably sometime next week. DONE
  4. "Friending" Post: I'm going to be putting up some of my accounts where you guys can connect with me. I'll put up the blog's twitter, my goodreads account, my shelfari account and maybe a couple of others. And if I can, I'll also gather up the other girl's links (and of course, their okay) and if anybody else wants to be added to that list, just leave a link here! This way we can connect even more because I definitely know how intimidating things can be.
  5. Update Shelfari and Goodreads: I made my Goodreads account just a few weeks ago and I want to make sure they're completely synced up, everything is right. I also need to make sure everything on my wishlist doc. is in sync with both sites as well. This goes along with both my TBR list and the Friending Post. DONE
  6. Write a Review for "Fallen" (?): Of course, this is assuming I finish the book this weekend. Considering my new speed, I'm thinking it's possible.
  7. ARC Policy (?): I know we put the disclaimer up on the sidebar, but a more detailed and exact policy might be handy, especially since all of us have different tastes. This probably won't be up for a while, or at least until I get everybody's input.
  8. Contact Authors (?): Lanna and I both want to bring you more interviews/guest posts from authors, but we have to contact them first. But we don't even know what authors we want to contact (that being said, if you're an author and want to be interviewed, the email is on the sidebar!). We'll see on this.
So, those are all of my goals. If Deanna or Lanna or anyone else comes up with any definite goals, I'll edit the in. But as for my goals, I'll be crossing them off the list as they get done. And if you guys have any suggestions, just post it in the comments!



  1. great goals! I admire people who actually have a plan haha :)

  2. You have an award over at my blog



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