Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Need by Carrie Jones

Title: Need
Carrie Jones
Zara collects phobias the way other girls collect Facebook friends. Little wonder, since life’s been pretty rough so far. Her father left, her stepfather just died, and her mother’s pretty much checked out. Now Zara’s living with her grandmother in sleepy, cold Maine so that she stays “safe.” Zara doesn’t think she’s in danger; she thinks her mother can’t deal. Wrong.

Turns out that guy she sees everywhere, the one leaving trails of gold glitter, isn’t a figment of her imagination. He’s a pixie—and not the cute, lovable kind with wings. He’s the kind who has dreadful, uncontrollable needs. And he’s trailing Zara. With suspense, romance, and paranormal themes, this exciting breakout novel has readers rapidly turning the pages.

Well, what can I say about this book other than I loved it?

Seriously, I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did - I blame that on the fact that some of the reviews I had read for it before I got the book said it was like Twilight. I do not agree with those reviews at all, I’m not saying there weren’t little similarities and parallels that could be drawn between the two stories, but those things weren’t original to Twilight, they’re basic things that have been around for ages and they’ll continue to be retold and spun in different ways by different authors for as long as people still like them.

If I’m forced to compare though, let me just say that Need is way better than Twilight is - it has a better plot, much, much better characters and I adore Carrie’s writing (which is also much, much better than the writing in Twilight).

I was hooked on the book from the very first page, which doesn’t happen often for me, usually it takes me at least a chapter to get into it and I also knew I would love it from the very first page too and so while I was reading it, I was looking out for some negative things that I might mention in the review so I wouldn’t seem like such a blatant Need fan girl, but, alas, I couldn’t find any.

There was only two things that I didn’t like; the first was something that only bothered me because I tend to think logically so I find it hard to believe that there’s people who would instantly jump to a supernatural conclusion, but that was explained later in the book so it no longer bothers me at all (and really, it had stopped bothering me about half a chapter after it happened, as Zara got used to it, so did I) and the second was the main character calling an animal “doggy”… yes, that was how difficult it was for me to find negatives about the story, silly things like that were literally all I could come up with.

Zara, the main character, is great - she’s funny and I like how Carrie wrote her emotions… sometimes in books I’m reading, it’s almost like the character can only feel one emotion at a time - they’re either sad or happy or angry, but with Zara, she displays a realistic mix of emotions from the very first page, her thoughts were interesting and she could be sad without that sadness consuming her thoughts making it annoying or depressing for the reader. She is a really strong character, she’s not always the damsel in distress and she’s not always the hero, she’s realistic, which in a fantasy world is a very good thing.

The other characters are awesome too, I adored Betty, Issie, Devyn and Nick - I even liked the “bad guys” in the story, but I won’t go into that further to avoid spoilers.

There was this little thing in the book that I loved too, Zara has this thing about phobias--you’ll know what I mean from the very first page of the book--it was subtly woven throughout the story and I just really liked that, each chapter started with a phobia name and definition and it was one of Zara’s little personality quirks.

At the risk of me getting even more fan girlish about this book, I’ll just wrap it up here; the book was awesome, Carrie Jones is a really good writer and I cannot wait to read the sequel. You should definitely go read the book.


P.s. Speaking of “later” - since we passed 200 followers, I’ll be posting up the contest later today (Need will probably be on the list of books for the winner to choose from).


  1. Congrats on all the followers!! And great review. It's the small things like the phobias that make me love a book. :)

  2. lovved it soo much!!

  3. I honestly can not possible say how much I absolutely loved and adored this book! I loved it so so so much! This series is so amazing! Never have I felt so closely attached to a book ever and never have I cried or laughed or been so nervous of what will happen next so much from a book! I felt so close to the characters I couldn't put the book down. My friends thought I was crazy over this book and I am! <3 I love it love it love it!

    Great review! Brilliant! <3

  4. I didn't like Is at all. She's immature and her personality makes me crazy. She's so.. strange.



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